You Have Sore Throat? These Are The 9 Ways For Proper Treat!

3 years
  1. Salt and water – If you experience irritation or burning sensation in the throat, take a bit of lukewarm water combined with salt and gargle. Do it several times daily and the bacteria will be destroyed. The mixture should contain glass of water and half a tablespoon of salt.
  2. Throat pastilles and sprays – There are several throat lozenges that will immediately ease the pain because by licking them in the mouth you secrete more saliva and your oral cavity will be less dry. Also there are sprays with similar ingredients and antiseptic effect.
  3. Syrup – if you start coughing, be sure to go to pharmacy and buy yourself a syrup for cough for preventing the next stages of your condition.
  4. Drink plenty of fluids – It is very important that in case of illness you should drink lot more fluids than usual in order to avoid dehydration. Drink tea and water constantly, the liquid will clear your throat and you will start feeling better. Chicken soup can be also helpful.
  5. Tea – Herbal teas will boost your immunity, practice natural tees from mountains.
  6. Chicken soup – Actually any kind of hot soup can be helpful. Sodium in soup has excellent anti- inflammatory effects and the heat will ease your pain. Moreover, sore throat can be damaged if you eat food so it is more advisable to eat soup in which you will add pieces of diced chicken to feel full.
  7. Rest – Rest cannot be quick way of treatment but is very important. It will help you to regain your strength, energy and therefore you will fight more against the infection.
  8. Antibiotic – Do not consider taking anything before you make throat swab. If you need an antibiotic, consult your doctor first do not take anything in your hands, by your own.
  9. Nutrition – During the treatment, the food is very important. Avoid unhealthy foods and consume more different kinds of vegetables and fruits.