Why Pets Are So Good For Our Health

3 years
Why Pets Are So Good For Our Health

There isn’t anything quite as delightful as giving and receiving love. Pets are like small children that need us, and being able to take care of them fills us with love. It is exactly for this reason that pets are so good for our health: they fill us with positive thoughts, they make us feel good about ourselves and they help us to reduce stress.

However, it is true that having an animal in your home implies a lot of work and money: you have to make sure that it is vaccinated, healthy, and well-fed. If you have a dog, you have to find time to walk it each day, and if you have a cat, you have to make sure it has a comfortable enough living space to feel at home.

Nevertheless, these efforts do not compare with the benefits that a pet can have on our physical and mental health.

Why is it so good to have pets?

Pets help us alleviate anxiety and stress

It has been scientifically proven that petting an animal relaxes us, eases us, and generates positive feelings. When we feel less anxious, we don’t turn to harmful substances such as tobacco or junk food to help us lower tension. If you are trying to quit smoking or another unhealthy habit, having a pet can be a big help.

On the other hand, there are so many cases of couples that can’t seem to conceive a child but feel so much less anxious once they buy a dog in which they find a being that they can care for and love. Once they have then managed to lower their anxiety levels, they achieve the pregnancy they were searching for.

It improves our self-esteem: it makes us feel accompanied and cared for

There is next to nothing quite as comforting as arriving home after work and knowing your dog will be jumping for joy the second you walk in the door.

The best excuse to exercise

Having a dog at home forces us to take it to the park. What better excuse is there to go out for a walk and get a little cardio in? If you are looking to lose weight, going for a walk or a run with your dog is an excellent activity to help you do so.

It helps us be more social

Taking your dog out for a walk can be an incredible opportunity for starting conversations in the park with others doing the same as you.

A great example for the kids

For the little ones, having a pet is ideal for learning good values such as responsibility and taking care of others.

When choosing a pet, it is important to keep a few things in mind.

How much time will you be able to dedicate to them?

A cat is best for people who lead busier lives, since they don’t need as much personal attention and can be happy indoors. A dog needs to be walked every day – will you be able to take it to the park every day?

In every city there are places we can adopt cats and dogs with no owners. Although they might not be purebred, they are just as good a source of love as any animal with a pedigree, and we can give an animal that in other conditions would be alone and neglected a great life. Many have been rescued from the street or from abusive situations. If you have a lot of love to give, what are you waiting for to adopt?

How much space do I have to give them?

Small dogs are great for apartments, while the bigger breeds can feel uncomfortable if not allotted adequate space.

But once you have taken these issues into account, it’s time to stop waiting: there is nothing healthier than taking an animal into your home and giving it your love!