There Are 20 Pounds of Waste and Toxins in Your Gut. This Method Will Give You a Complete Bowel Cleanse!

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There Are 20 Pounds of Waste and Toxins in Your Gut. This Method Will Give You a Complete Bowel Cleanse!

A majority of our immune systems functioning relies on one thing – proper digestion of our food. If you are serious about having a healthy body and maintain it so, you must know how important it is to cleanse your colon.

The process of digestion involves breaking down of the food in your stomach and passing it through the intestines. When this entire process is taking place the intestinal wall keeps absorbing nutrients from the food. The remaining part of it is the waste that is moved to the colon and then the rectum for elimination.

But it is not necessary that this process has to run efficiently like this all the time.

Many times it happens that waste starts accumulating in your colon. There is a name for this condition – it’s called fecal impaction of the colon.

When this happens your feces start becoming dry. You will also notice that they have become immobile. This keeps making it difficult to excrete them from your body. In fact, they also cause blockage for the movement of new waste that has to be removed. When this happens, there’s accumulation of both waste and toxins, and this can have serious effects on your health.

The kinds of problems that can arise out of this include:

  • Liver disease
  • Misbalanced metabolism
  • Diabetes
  • Kidney
  • Even cancer

There are many colon-cleansing techniques. These include laxatives and enemas to start with. Then there are herbal remedies. Some aggressive techniques include colonic hydrotherapy and colonic irrigation.

But there is a highly effective colon cleansing technique that’s safe and natural and is widely supported by nutritionists.

How to Cleanse Your Colon Safely?

Can you guess how much waste can get held up in your intestines at a time? The intestines have a capacity of holding up to 25 lbs of it, and that limit depends on many factors like your weight and diet. That limit is based on the Standard American Diet that comprises of high amounts of processed foods.

So the colon-cleansing method recommended by nutritionists is this: consume ground flaxseed (1 to 3 tbsp per day) for 20 days.

It works by restoring the gut flora balance and by improving your digestive function.

But how can you add flaxseed to your diet?

This treatment should be broken into three regular weeks in the following way:

First Week

Replace your breakfast with the following:

Mix 1 tbsp of ground flaxseed in 100 ml of kefir.

Second Week:

Your breakfast should be 2 tbsp ground flaxseed mixed in 100ml of kefir.

Third Week:

Mix 3 tbsp of ground flaxseed in 100ml kefir and drink for breakfast.

It is important that his mixture is prepared and consumed fresh.

Make sure you are drinking at least 2 liter of water throughout the day.

This 20-day colon-cleansing treatment should be repeated once every year.