Stop Throwing Away Avocado Seeds: They’re Potent Cancer Fighters!

3 years

Most people don’t know that avocado seeds are healthy. In fact, they are healthier than avocado. They have many nutrients in them which are beneficial for health. They also are a good source of some healthy fats. Since they are considered to be one of the healthiest fruits, it is best if we eat the fruit and its seeds regularly. So the next time you have an avocado, remember to eat the seed as well.

The health benefits of avocado seeds:

Antioxidant: avocado has a high amount of antioxidants in them. More than 70% of it is found in the seed. Antioxidants are known to kill free radicals in our body. Free radicals are responsible for many diseases including obesity. Like green tea, the avocado seeds also contain polyphenols.

Soluble fibers: a lot of soluble fibers are present in avocado seeds. In fact, it has more fibers than any other food.

Relieves digestive problems: The avocado seed helps in treating diarrhea. It can also help in preventing bacterial and viral infections. The South Americans have always used avocado seeds to treat gastrointestinal problems like dysentery. It is known to reduce inflammation. It also relieves constipation and prevents gastric ulcers.

Anti cancer : avocado seeds have anti-cancer properties. The extract from its seeds contains a compound called avocatinB. This has been found to treat acute myeloid leukemia cells according to a paper published in the Cancer Research Journal. They were able to make the leukemia cells undergo self destruction. This study was published in 2013 in the journal Pharmaceutical Biology. The seed contains another antioxidant called flavanol. This is a known compound which helps fight tumor growth.

Heart: the antioxidant properties of avocado seeds also help in fighting heart problems. They prevent the formation of plaques which are the main cause of heart attacks and strokes. The high amount of dietary fiber in it binds to cholesterol before it reaches the blood stream.

Improves the immune system activity: Our immune system needs to be strong to fight infections and diseases. The seed can give a boost to the immune system. This will help in fighting infections. It will also destroy free radicals in your body. Minor illnesses like cold and flu can also be prevented.

Lowers blood glucose and maintain weight: the avocado seed extract can help you maintain your body weight. After consuming the extract, you will feel full for a long time and this will reduce your appetite, thereby maintaining your weight. It also helps in maintaining the blood glucose levels of your body.

Slows aging: It contains a lot of antioxidants. The antioxidants slow aging by a number of ways. It rebuilds collagen to keep your skin firm and smooth. It also prevents the formation of wrinkles.

How to use the avocado seed:

The avocado seed can be ground and made into a fine powder. You can then add it as a dressing or include it in your smoothies and sauces. It is a little bitter to taste. It is thus better to add a little sugar or honey to the smoothie or sauce you are making. The sweetener will help neutralize the bitter taste of the seed. You can also make avocado pit tea.

Be careful to first dry the seeds. Once dried, put them in a plastic bag and crush to small pieces using a hammer. Otherwise it can cause damage to your blender or processer.

There are other uses of avocado seeds. It can be added to your daily scrub and facial masks. It plays the role of an exfoliant. It can also be used as a natural pink-hued dye for your fabrics.