Scary Facts About Edamame: This is Why You Should Avoid Edamame at All Costs

3 years

In 1275, the first ever documented mention of this crop was by Nichiren a Japanese monk who scribbled a letter of appreciation to a parishioner thanking him for the “gift of edamame” presented at the holy temple.

The edamame is actually asoy bean pod that is harvested before it dries up and hardens. It is therefore green,fresh and immature when it is plucked.

Edamame has been marketed and sold in commercial quantity as a viable alternative to protein and it was indeed first grown in Europe for this purpose in 2008 and has since been grown and harvested in large quantities year in, year out.

Now with all the rave reviews about Edamame, how it’s high in protein and how it’s a highly nutritious crop; there are still some disheartening facts about this soy bean that can’t be ignored nor waved aside.

What are these facts?

  • This soy bean hasphytlates which is known to restrictmineral absorption in the body. It is generally believed in the scientific community that phytlate rich diets particularly in the third world is the primary cause of mineral deficiencies.
  • Breast cancer, uterine fibroids, infertility and poor libido are all believed to be caused by phytoestrogen. Edamame is rich in phytoestrogen. This plant estrogen tends to replicate the natural estrogen found in our body and it is responsible for the aforementioned ailments.
  • Edamame has thyroid suppressors — Goitrogens. The soy isoflavones are known to be detrimental to thyroid functions particularly in women and this problem is prevalent in the U.S.A.
  • Also this soy bean is mainly
    genetically modified. Edamame is known to be highly contaminated by the pesticides used in its cultivation.
  • It is believed that the phytoestrogen in Edamame is detrimental to the reproductive health of both males and females. The genistein a compound found in the soy bean is believed (by scientists and researchers) to limit the sperms mobility and it’s ability to swim to the egg and fertilise it, thereby impairing conception significantly.
  • Edamame hastrypsin inhibitors, these inhibitors hamper the adequate digestion and of protein.

After knowing these facts are you still considering consuming this soy bean?