Gift For Humanity: This Is A Recipe For Cannabis Oil Which Cured Cancer For More Than 5000 People!

3 years
Gift For Humanity: This Is A Recipe For Cannabis Oil Which Cured Cancer For More Than 5000 People!

The Canadian named, Rick Simpson is the largest promoter for the healing powers of marijuana and cured more than 5000 people who suffer from cancer and he announced the recipe for the wonderful medicinal cannabis oil.

The oil can be done by anybody but because of the chemical reactions which could happen it is a dangerous movement so he decided to describe the procedure fully on a video.

Rick Simpson claims that the oil from cannabis beside cancer can cure diabetes, epilepsy, asthma, psoriasis and atherosclerosis.

Recipe for cannabis oil:

  1. Put the dried herb on a plastic container.
  2. Wet it with solvent. Rick Simpson says that he uses pure oil which is quite expensive so in return you can use 99% of isopropyl alcohol bought from pharmacy. The alcohol absorbs more chlorophyll from the plant unlike the oil and because oil is made by using alcohol has a darker color. If this method is properly performed the oil will not remain solvent or will have very little percent. You need about 8 liters of solvent to separate the THC from the ½ kg cannabis.
  3. Mash the herbs with wooden stick.
  4. The herb material should be completely submerged in the solvent. While you press it, the THC will separate itself from the plant into the diluent.
  5. Crumple the plant for about 3 minutes.
  6. The mixture from the diluent and the oil pour into another container without the herbs. With this procedure, 80% of the THC is extracted.
  7. Second flushing – add solvent into the herbs again and crumple them for another 3 minutes to pull out the remaining 20% of THC.
  8. Pour the gained mixture of oil and solvent into the container which you previously put the first mixture.
  9. The herbs from which you removed the THC should be tossed away into garbage.
  10. Strain the mixture through a coffee filter into one clean container.
  11. While you heat the mixture the solvent will stew.
  12. Put the mixture into a boil to ¾ volume of the container. The procedure should be happening in previously ventilated room and for each case put your ventilator on because the gases are flammable.
  13. Heat the mixture until it starts boiling.
  14. How the level of the mixture lowers add the remaining mixture until you spend the whole.
  15. After it evaporates to the mixture should be added few drops of water. How much water will you add depends on how much herbs you had on the beginning. Rick says if you have done oil for ½ kg of herbs you should add 10 drops of water to it.
  16. When the dish will contain for around 25mm mix, put gloves and slowly rotate the pan to stir the mixture.
  17. Rotate the container until it evaporates and the clean oil appears. The temperature must not exceed more than 140 degrees.
  18. Carefully ransack the oil into smaller clean metal container.
  19. The container in which is the oil, place it on a device that should be heated slowly until the water evaporates on the surface from the oil. When the oil will not have any kind of activity the product will be ready.
  20. The heated oil should be put in a bottle or a plastic syringe(as in the video)

When the oil will cool it will look like a thick grease.