101 Science-Backed, Evidence-Based Uses for Coconut Oil That Will Change Your Life

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101 Science-Backed, Evidence-Based Uses for Coconut Oil That Will Change Your Life

Coconut oil is in great demand by both the health and beauty products manufacturers. It has proven over time to be a reliable component in the manufacture of natural health and beauty products.

Coconut oil is here to stay, but it wasn’t always like this, there was a time when it was labelled as an unhealthy oil because it comprises of saturated fats (approx. 90%). This fat in coconut oil has long beenproven to be beneficial. Coconut oil is also very rich in antioxidant properties and fat-soluble vitamins.

Coconut oil is available in skin and hair care products as it has anti-inflammatory properties that helps combat acne, rashes, eczema and it also can stimulate hair growth and moisturize the hair.

Coconut oil benefits


For body and skincare

Coconut oil is rich in anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antibacterial properties and therefore it is excellent in providing relief from skin problems such as eczema, and acne when applied topically.

Let’s take a more comprehensive look at some of the numerous benefits of coconut oil to skincare, especially as a homemade remedy:

  1. Coconut Oil Face Mask: Get rid of blackheads, dark patches and bags under your eyes with a DIY coconut oil based face mask. Just mix 1 tablespoon of coconut oil with 1 tablespoon of raw unadulterated honey. Then you apply thispaste to your face and leave for about20 minutes. Afterwards, rinse your face well with clean warm water.
  2. Have Your Skin Moisturized: If you have dry, flaky and scaly skin. Stop using that off-the counter lotion you are currently using and use coconut oil instead, you will immediately notice an improvement in your skin dryness.
  3. Get Rid OfWrinkles: Coconut oil has excellent anti-aging properties. It is great for ridding your face of unsightly wrinkles. As the coconut oil helps to hydrate your facial skin, soften it and improve its overall texture.
  4. Conditioner: Coconut oil is great as a hair conditioner, it helps repair damaged scalp as a result of dandruff and it also moisturises the hair leaving it looking rich and healthy.

You can use coconut oil as a homemade conditioner by;

  • Put in a container — 2 teaspoons of coconut oil.
  • Put the container in a big pot filled with water and heated to a minimum of 76 degrees.
  • The heating of the coconut oil will soften it.
  • Dampen your hair and apply the oil to it gently massaging the oil to its roots.
  • You should then comb your hair to ensure that the oil gets to all parts of your hair.
  • You should then cover your head, use a towel for this purpose and leave for one hour.
  • You should use a small quantity of shampoo to remove the oil completely.
  1. Take Care Of Puffy Eyes: Apply coconut oil to the sacks hinder your eyes and regular topical application will get rid of puffy eyes because of the anti-inflammatory properties of coconut oil.
  1. Fight Dandruff: Use coconut oil to fight dandruff effectively. Apply in the same way as you would apply the conditioner, the difference is you should leave it overnight and then wash it off in the morning.
  2. Sunscreen for your hair: Applying coconut oil to your hair will provide the necessary sunscreen from the harsh effects of ultra violet rays. It will also protect it from drying easily.
  3. Improve Hair Growth: When used on a regular basis, your hair will be strong and will have less loose ends.
  4. Detangle Hair: This oil will moisturize your hair and help in detangling it, it will be straight and firm. With waterdampen your hair, then apply coconut oil with your fingersand leave onfor about 15 minutes after which comb your hair with ease.
  5. Effective Shaving Cream and After Shave :Use as a shaving cream to ensure that the razor used shaves smoothly and there is less friction during shaving. After shaving you can apply coconut oil to your face, it’s anti-inflammatory properties will prevent razor bumps from springing up.
  6. Great Lip Balm: Get rid of charred or cracked lips if you are in a cold and dry region. Coconut oil is excellent as a lip balm as it moistens the lips.
  7. Effective Exfoliating Body Scrub: Coconut oil provides an excellent base for your homemade body scrub. Below is a DIY recipe;
  • Mix 1/2 cup of coconut oil with about 2-4 tablespoons of either white or brown sugar.
  • Stir this mixture properly, then pour the mix into a soap mold or tin cans.
  • Refrigerate this mixture, let it solidify, then remove from the soap mold or tins.
  • Take a sliced off piece and use it to exfoliate your body, make sure you dampen your skin with water before use.
  • After scrubbing, rinsing completely off and drying your skin with a towel, use coconut oil as a moisturizer.
  1. Feet Exfoliating Remedy: Exfoliating your feet to remove dead skin cells using coconut oil as a base component is also effective. You can mixcoconut oil to sea salt (coarse) in the ratio 1:2 and then apply to the sole if your feet by scrubbing gently.
  2. Facial Exfoliating Remedy:
  • In a ratio 1to 1 mix baking soda and coconut oil and apply to your face.
  • It will remove dead skin cells and bring out blackheads.
  1. As a Lip Exfoliator: Coconut oil can be used to exfoliate your lips as well. You can mix 1teaspoon of coconut oil with two teaspoons of white or brown sugar and gently scrub your lips to remove dead skin cells be careful not to scrub too hard though.
  2. Use as an effective Makeup Remover: When you use coconut oil to remove makeup it will breakdown the makeup without causing any form of irritation to your skin and eyes. It will be very easy to wipe off the makeup once the oil is applied. With your finger tips you should gently massage your face in a circular pattern to remove the makeup and then wash your face thoroughly and pat dry with a clean towel.
  3. Using Coconut Oil as a Cheekbone Highlighter: After applying makeup, you can apply a little coconut oil to your cheeks to help highlight and give it a nice youthful looking glow.
  4. As a Lotion Bar:Coconut oil is a great skin moisturizer, you can also make a lotion bar with it and this is how;
  • Mix coconut oil, beeswax and shea butter in a glass jar and put in a pan of water.
  • You then boil the water, make sure all the condiments are melted.
  • Take the mixture in the jar from the heated pan, then add to the mixture — 1 teaspoon of Vitamin E oil.
  • You should then stir manually by hand till all theingredients are properly mixed.
  • You then pour the mixture into molds, you will then allow the mixture in the molds to cool and solidify before you remove them from the molds.
  1. Coconut Oil as a Deodorant: You can use coconut oil as a healthy deodorant and this is how;
  • Mix a1/2 cup each of shea butter, beeswax and coconut oil and put the mixture in a glass jar, place this cover jar in a pan filled with water and on a stove.
  • Make sure all the components are properly melted when the water is boiled.
  • Take the glass jar out of the pan and add 1 teaspoon of Vitamin E oil, ½ cup of arrowroot powder and 3 tablespoons of baking soda.
  • You should use manually mixing, using your hands to stir the mixture to ensure that the ingredients are all well mixed.
  • Afterwards, you should pour the mixture in pre-molds or tins. Make sure the mixture is allowed to cool and solidify before attempting to remove them from the molds.
  1. Great for Softening Your Elbows: When you experience dry and scaly elbows, then having coconut oil in your home can prove to be really useful. By applying coconut oil to your elbows twice daily, you will immediately notice that they would become less dry and would begin to soften as well.
  2. Coconut Oil Used to take care ofCracked Heels issues: By topically applying  coconut oil to your heels regularly, you will notice an immediate improvement in the texture and look of your heels. They will be softened and the cracks noticed earlier would disappear.
  3. Effective Massage Oil: Coconut oil is both a good moisturizer and has excellent antioxidant properties that is good for your skin and excellent as a massage oil.
  4. Coconut Oil used in Nail and Cuticle Treatment: Applying coconut oil to your nails before you sleep, will help you in treating your cuticle issues. The oil will get into your cuticles while you sleep. You can repeat this routine every night as it gas no harmful side effects.
  5. Coconut Oil Used as a Mascara Brush Cleaner:You can remove unwanted buildup from your mascara brush with coconut oil. All you need to do is put the brush in coconut oil and leave for about five minutes. The unwanted buildup will be ease to remove and your brush will be clean.
  6. Use Coconut Oil to Enhance Your Eyelashes: Are you worried that your eyelashes look dull and does not look full? No worries! Just apply a little coconut oil to your eyelashes this will leaving it looking full and it will give it a nice sheen as well.
  7. Reduce Your Stretch Marks with Coconut Oil:Coconut oil will help reduce the appearance of stretchmarks if applied regularly. Just topically apply some oil with the tip of your fingers to the site of the stretch marks and notice an improvement.
  8. Use Coconut Oil to Remove Skin Wax: If you are one of many that removetheir body hair by waxing, you don’t have to worry about the aftermath of the use of the wax anymore as coconut oil when applied to the wax on your body with a warm towel will remove the wax completely from your body and solve that uncomfortable sticky feeling after waxing.
  9. In the treatment of Diminish Varicose Veins: You can significantly reduce the appearance of varicose veins when you topically apply coconut oil to them on a regular basis. Just apply a thin layer of the coconut oil to the varicose veins and watch as they appear to fade away.
  10. Coconut Oil is useful in Reducing Cellulite:You can reduce cellulite by applying coconut oil to the site regularly. If applied daily and regularly you should experience a significant improvement in just a couple of months.
  11. Coconut Oil is a soothing Tattoo Moisturizer: If you are a lover of tattoos, but you have been wondering what ointment you could use to relief the itching that comes after a new and fresh tattoo is done. Well the answer to that nagging question is right there in your home. Coconut oil when applied to the site of a fresh tattoo will soothe the itching, and because of its anti inflammatory properties it will protect your skin from inflammation.

Coconut oil also has antioxidant properties to revitalise your skin and it’s antifungal and antibacterial properties will also combat and prevent infection while moisturising your skin at the same time.

32. As a Personal Lubricant: Instead of using commercial lubricants that have preservatives and chemical compounds that may have harmful side effects like itching, rashes, redness or burning. It is advisable to use coconut oil when looking for a lubricant for use during sex. It is healthy and has no side effects. The only note of caution is you shouldn’t use it with condoms as coconut oil has compatibility issues with latex which is the main component of condoms.

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