10 Surprising Reasons Why Walking Can Dramatically Improve Your Health

3 years
10 Surprising Reasons Why Walking Can Dramatically Improve Your Health

Since our younger ages our parents and people that raise us, teach us that different physical exercises are very important for our health. This is one great opportunity about people who enjoy and want to sweat but what about those who cannot stand a minute in the gym, do not have enough time for it but yet want to live healthy lifestyle? Well for all of them we recommend the walking. Maybe this sound very simple to you, but it is proven that the walks have positive impact on the body. Here are the 10 reasons why you should daily walk for 30 to 40 minutes.


1. This action strengthens the muscles – walking as exercise can build and strength the muscles. The walking reconciles the leg muscles, buttocks and the stomach. Also, if you carefully posture you can tune up the abs and the waist.


2. Improves your mood – If you feel nervous and unfriendly go outside and take a walk. The walking which is 30 to 40 minutes long will certainly improve your mood and remove your feelings of depression.


3. It improves the colon health – Regular short walks who are 10- 15 minutes long can help your digestive system to work properly.


4. Improves your heart health and lowers your blood pressure – Of course, if you have serious heart problems you should visit your doctor but take in consider that many walks can help in reducing your blood pressure and heart problems so practice them every day.


5. Reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease – Believe it or not walking can also effect on your overall mental health. Studies show that walking can effect on the reduction of Alzheimer’s disease. The man between 71- 93 years who walk half a kilometer per day already halved the risk of this disease.


6. Reduces the risk of diabetes – American experts declare that walking for 20- 30 minutes can reduce the sugar level in blood for the next 24 hours.


7. Strengths the bones – Walking can strength the bones and prevent the loss of bone mass in the osteoporosis. Studies show that walking for half an hour will reduce the possibility of fracture hip bone at elders by 40%.


8. Improves the health of lungs – It is well known that waling is not just good for breathing but it is good for the overall health of lungs.


9. Controls the weight – It is not required spending hours and hours exercising if you want to keep your weight maintenance. The studies show that woman who consume normal portions of food and walk an hour a day had no trouble in keeping their weight.


10. Prevents glaucoma – Moderate activities such as walking or jogging who repeat several times weekly can reduce the pressure in the eyes.