Protect Your Hands From the Merciless Cold, Or Else This Might Happen

3 years
Protect Your Hands From the Merciless Cold, Or Else This Might Happen

When you live in areas where extreme cold is a threat there are many things to take into consideration before leaving your house, for instance hypothermia, or in other cases frostbite. Both of which can result in death. It’s scary to think that the cold could do such horrible things to your body, but in fact, the cold can do things you never thought imaginable.

At your own risk take a look at pictures of people who have been left in the cold. The visuals are gruesome and terrifying. You can find information on this almost anywhere.

The first signs

Frostbite is one of the most painful things a person could be put through. The cold has a reputation for attacking people when they are most vulnerable. The most important thing you could do is constantly prepared for the worst.

If by chance you are out drinking and you feel the need to wander out into the cold, be sure to exercise extreme caution. The cold will pummel anyone and anything mercilessly. There have been many cases resulting in death.

Frostbite occurs when you expose skin to the cold for a long period of time. This is a very painful thing to go through and often happens when people may not be conscious. In many cases unfortunate drunk people get the worst of this problem.

The first sign of frostbite is the lack of feeling in that specific region. Typically people experience this on their hands. This is extremely painful; many people can recall instances where they experienced this pain. The loss of feeling is also a scary sign for people to recognize.

Often many people will panic and jump to conclusions. With that said it is always better to go to the doctor’s as soon as you suspect or feel anything. The next stages of frostbite are a little more gruesome.

A gruesome experience

Your hands, for the sake of this example, will then begin to swell uncontrollably. This will often leave you with very large bubbles on your hands and fingers. This is also very painful. Often people will need to be monitored for days after.

Once the swelling is done the doctor must remove any liquid that has built up within your hands. This is also a very painful process, and will leave your hands very sensitive afterwards.

Once the swelling has been taken care of your hands will be left to heal. You may experience some discomfort during this time, as well as some noticeable scabbing. However, if all goes well your hands will be fine in a few weeks.

There have been circumstances where people’s body parts have lost some function, and in extreme cases were amputated. As you can see the risks associated with frostbite are very serious. Use extreme caution with children especially. Their bodies cannot handle this type of abuse and it could result in potentially very bad circumstances. Death is very possible if left out in the cold.

The best thing you can do is being prepared at all times; I must reiterate this because of its importance. Be safe out in the cold; use what you now know to exercise the appropriate precaution to make sure things like this never happen to you.