Magical Fingers: Get Rid Of All Pains With Applying Pressure

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Magical Fingers: Get Rid Of All Pains With Applying Pressure

Jin Shin Jyutsu is an ancient Japanese method, art, philosophy and powerful alternative medicine refers to the palm i.e. fingers. The purpose of this skill is to balance energy in the body which is very important for the physical and emotional health of the entire organism. Learn the exercises and get rid of the pain.

According to Japanese interpretations, each finger represents a certain body part or organ, mental health and physical symptoms. By pressing each finger you can balance the body and get rid of some pain.

What Jin Shin Jyutsu do for our body?

— Reduces pain

— Relaxes the body

— Regulates sleep

— Reduces stress

— Improves circulation

— Improves concentration

— Strengthens the immune system

— Improves skin condition

— Detoxifies the body

— Reduces anxiety

How the exercises are applied?

1. Try to relax during the exercises and concentrate on the pain you are experiencing. Breathe slowly and deeply.

2. Get the entire finger with the opposite hand, and then press it using the whole palm.

3. Hold this position for about two minutes. You will feel a pulse, but it is normal.

4. In the course of the exercise you need to breathe slowly and evenly, as if meditating.

5. For exercise on the whole body, do exercises with the fingers of the hand for a period of three minutes for each finger.


Organs: Stomach and spleen

Emotions: Concern, depression, anxiety and tension

Physical symptoms: Abdominal pain, skin related problems, headache and nervousness

Index finger

Organs: Kidneys and bladder

Emotions: Frustration, fear, mental burden

Physical symptoms: Pain in the joints and back muscles, toothache and gum related problems, alcohol, cigarettes and medicament addiction and digestive tract related problems.

Middle finger

Organs: Liver and bile

Emotions: Anger and rage, indecision and irritation

Physical symptoms: Circulation related problems, menstrual pains, eye and vision related problems, migraine, headache and fatigue.

Ring finger

Organs: Lungs and colon

Emotions: Sorrow, sadness, fear of rejection and negativity

Physical symptoms: Tinnitus, breathing related problems, such as asthma, problems with digestion and deep skin changes.


Organs: Heart and small intestine

Emotions: Nervousness, insecurity and feeling of inferiority

Physical symptoms: Blood pressure related problems, heart problems, throat inflammation, problems with the bones and nervous system.