Dandelion Root Tea For Treating Cancer

3 years

Besides being good for treating cancer, dandelion root possess great diuretic properties, stimulates the work of bile, cleanses the liver and is good against allergies. This root has an excellent effect for lowering cholesterol, is rich in vitamins and minerals such as iron, calcium, folic acid and magnesium, it contains vitamin A and K.

Dandelion is unjustly neglected plant, and in fact it actually abounds in medicinal properties. It should be collected from clean environment, not from meadows near cities and polluted areas. Our grandmothers used dandelion in nutrition and used it to prepare medicines and syrups made from dandelion flowers because they knew this plant’s medicinal properties. But, what is less known is that the root of the dandelion helps heal cancer.

Scientists have discovered that the root of this herb works better than chemotherapy, which besides destroying cancerous it also destroys healthy cells as well. Dandelion root, on the other hand attacks only diseased cells.

In Canada, in the Institute in Windsor, an examination in the department of chemistry and biochemistry has been done, and the results of that examination bring hope for cancer patients. It has been found that dandelion root destroys only the cells affected by cancer, and has no detrimental effect on healthy cells in the body.

Dandelion tea effects make impact on cancerous cells within 48 hours and after they decompose it does not have any harmful effect on healthy cells. Continued treatment with dandelion tea can destroy cancer and this is why scientists continue to study its medicinal properties.

72 year old Johan di Karlo was personally assured in dandelion’s healing properties. He experienced intense and aggressive treatments of chemotherapy, but his treatment, which lasted three years showed no positive effects. Doctors released him home to spend the last days with his loved ones. Since they already had no alternative in the treatment, they recommended drinking tea from dandelion root. Johan experienced remission of the disease after four months.

Dandelion root tea preparation:

Ingredients needed:

— 1 liter of water

— Handful of dandelion root

Pour 1 liter of boiling water over the fresh dandelion root. Let the mixture stand still for 10 minutes before you strain it. Drink three cups of this tea on a daily basis.

Source: Natural Health Care For You, Fashionmg-Style