You Have To Urinate After Sexual Relation – Here’s Why

3 years

You always have to be careful about your sexual health if you like to experience full pleasure with your lovely partner.

Urinating right after having sexual intercourse will allow your body to fight against infections easier and more effective.

When the sexual act is finished, many different germs and bacteria get inside your body, which increases the risk of bladder infections.

Actually, it seems like this is one of the most common reasons for urinary tract infections. The experts highly recommend urination after sexual intercourse.

Also, the doctors are explaining that female ejaculation doesn’t occur across the urethra. This means that the urination is the only way to eject the remained substances or particles. The urination is very important and highly recommended practice after every sexual intercourse.

You shouldn’t rush to urinate – preferable 45 minutes after the sexual intercourse.

It is a well known fact that the condoms must be used because in this way you are safer from infections and sexual transmitted ailments that could result with severe health problems.

The personal hygiene is also very important because proper hygiene will keep you safe from urinary tract infections.

This is extremely important for women who suffer from cystitis. They have to wash their vagina with water and neutral pH soap.