This Incredible Seed Can Cure Cancer And Perform Miracles On Your Body!

3 years

The focus in this article is the Chia seeds. They are rich in omega fatty acids, antioxidants, proteins and dietary fibers. Its aroma is similar to walnut and because of its ability to absorb the liquid, it is perfect for hydration and makes you feel satiated for longer period of time.

These seeds are great source of healthy fatty essential acids, containing 8 times more omega 3 acids than salmon. Late research has proved that intake of chia seeds has positive impact on your hair and nails growth.

Chia seeds are loaded with proteins and dietary fibers. They are also rich source of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and amino acids. Chia seeds make your body stronger, regenerate your skin, have positive effect for your digestive system and burns the fat almost immediately.

In times when you are feeling tired, or your body is lacking of energy, it is highly recommendable for you to intake chia seeds since they have very beneficial effect on your muscles.

Chia seed includes 37% fibers that stimulate the function of the intestine.

Chia seeds are one of the most effective remedy for colon cancer and its prevention. These seeds have strong ability of hydration and it is loaded with protein and fiber which means that it will keep you satiated for longer period of time.

How to use this magic seeds?

They are perfect for making healthy lunch or can be eaten as snack between your meals. They are great addition for your salads and cereals. You can also add them in any chicken recipe. For a dessert you can prepare yourself a “pudding chia seeds.” Mix the chia seeds with coconut milk, add walnuts, apples, cocoa, blueberries or cranberry. The combination is your choice. Refrigerate it for 10 minutes and then you can have your meal.

Note: Chia seeds are recommended in any type of food. Just add the chia seeds in your diet and your health will be improved greatly.