Read The Labels On Plastic Bottles! Otherwise, You Can Get Poisoned Or Even Cancer!

3 years
Read The Labels On Plastic Bottles! Otherwise, You Can Get Poisoned Or Even Cancer!

Do you read the labels on plastic packages before buying? If you do not do this, you should start immediately. Here’s why…

On every plastic bottle, or other packaging, there must be a mark of the material it is made from. There are several marks, and you should know for every how much it is harmful to health.

Plastic can emit a variety of chemicals in the water, which are very harmful to health and the hormonal balance in the body. That kind of containers are not only used for food and drinks but also for various cosmetics, facial and body creams, shampoos … There is a plastic packaging that looks like it was made of Styrofoam. The dish with a lid which you get from food deliveries, releases some carcinogenic substances when heated or when you put hot food in it.

Every plastic package must be labeled showing the chemical it is made from. It is a small label in a triangular shape with some number inside, and some letters below. Find the label on the plastic package and see what it means for your health.


PET is one of the most commonly used plastics in consumer products, and is found in most water bottles and soft drinks. It is intended for single use because the repeated use increases the risk of development of bacteria. Bottles of this material may contain heavy metals and chemicals that affect the hormonal balance. PET packaging is difficult to disinfect, and it requires hazardous chemicals for proper cleaning.


HDP is a rigid plastic used for the bottle of milk, various detergents, oils, toys and some plastic bags. This type of plastic doesn’t release chemicals. Experts recommend water bottles with this sign, because they are probably the safest and contain the purest water.

PVC or 3V

PVC is a soft, flexible plastic that is used for plastic materials, bottles for oil, toys for children and pets, packaging bubble wrap for various products … This plastic releases toxic chemicals that affect hormones in the body. Experts recommend buying alternative products if can be found.


This plastic cannot be used in the production of bottles, even though it doesn’t release any chemicals into the water. However, it is not good to buy food in such containers as with food you can consume some very dangerous chemicals.


This is another white, colored or transparent plastic used for packaging syrup, yogurt, etc. This plastic is hard and light and has superior quality when it comes to heat resistance. If you heat it up it won’t melt. People use it as a protective barrier against moisture, grease and chemicals.


Polystyrene is cheap, lightweight plastic for wide application. Most often used for making disposable Styrofoam cup, food container that comes as a delivery from restaurants, packaging for eggs and plastic picnic cutlery. This plastic releases some carcinogenic substances when heated (for example, hot food you order goes into it or mulled wine, tea …), and is unsuitable for long-term storage of food and beverage.

PC or plastic without tags

It is often used in the manufacture of sports water bottles and containers in which food is placed. This is the most dangerous plastic  which you will encounter. Protocols for it are not standardized when it comes to reusing and recycling. There is great danger that chemicals from it will enter the food and drinks.