The Top 10 Foods that Burn the Most Fat in a Day

2 years
The Top 10 Foods that Burn the Most Fat in a Day

When it comes to dieting and weight loss, some diets work better than others. Here are the top 10 foods that burn the most fat in a day. Adding them to your diet and avoiding others can help increase your weight loss results.

Based on some studies that analyzed the eating habits of people who were trying to lose weight, researchers determined that certain foods, eaten during a single day, can help people lose as many as five pounds in one year.


When it comes to breakfast, the first thing to do is not reach for the orange juice. It is also wise to skip the temptation of that warm and delicious-looking scone. Skipping these can mean you lose .28 pounds a year.

If you opt for a yogurt parfait instead, you can lose .41 pounds a year. The serving of fruit, serving of whole grains and serving of yogurt means a reduction of .09 pounds, .12 pounds and .2 pounds over a year, respectively.

Mid-Morning Snack

If you just can’t make it to lunch, consider eating a bowl of blueberries, as these can help you lose up to .24 pounds a year as one of two extra servings of fruit each day.

Don’t reach for a supersize soda to get you through to lunch. If you are seeking a beverage, go for the diet version, as it can help you lose one pound a year. Each drink you consume on a daily basis can result in a gain of .25 pounds.


When it comes to lunch, make sure you don’t reach for that ham sandwich on white bread with cheese. You can lose .44 pounds a year by skipping it. Each serving of cold cuts (so no pastrami or other lunch meat) can add .23 pounds per year, while the cheese and white bread add on the pounds as well. Reach for a turkey breast sandwich with veggies instead.

While you are at the deli, make sure to skip those potato chips. They add .42 pounds per year when consumed every day.

Since the deli is such a hot spot to avoid, opt for a stir-fry from a takeout restaurant and lose .18 pounds a year because another daily serving of veggies means you can lose .06 pounds a year.

Mid-Afternoon Cravings

For those who head to the vending machine during the late afternoon, keep a banana on your desk instead. That change can mean a loss of .12 pounds per year.

Almonds are also a good choice, as you can lose .28 pounds a year if you eat two servings of almonds a day.

Dinner Has Arrived

Once you get home from the office, avoid the sugary drinks and the sports drinks in the fridge. Opt for a bottle of water, and you can lose as much as .5 pounds a year.

Don’t thaw that steak for dinner, as you can lose .72 pounds a year for each serving of red meat you avoid. It adds .24 pounds a year for those who eat steak as it can typically be three or more servings in one.

Cook up brown rice veggie sushi instead, and you can lose .15 pounds a year, because whole grains help you lose .09 pounds for each serving while veggies help you lose .06 pounds.

Late Night Snack is  No-Go

Reaching for ice cream or cookies as dessert is a bad idea. Skipping them means you can drop an additional .4 pounds a year, and keep in mind that a big helping can mean as much as .2 pounds a year per sweet you consume.

The good news is, once you get to the later part of the evening, a glass of wine can be consumed with minimal issue to your weight loss efforts.