The Death Comes From Here: If You Didn’t Know, Cell Phones In Combination With These Seals Are One Dangerous Death Threat!

3 years

Do you have amalgam seals? Do you use cellphone? If your answers to these questions are positive, then your health is endangered.

There are numerous of studies who point out the risk of the radio frequency waves that come out of our cellphones. Also there are studies who point on the risk to human health if there is present seal with mercury. But, the resent researches show that these two risks are associated with each other. The electromagnetic-radiation can cause the release of mercury in the body.

The new studies show that the electromagnetic exposure to radiation especially from the cellphones increases the release of mercury in the blood from the amalgam seals.

The sources of the electromagnetic radiation do not come just from the mobile phones but it also come from the computers, Wi-Fi, TV, microwave and other appliances.

The amalgam problems provided themselves as the biggest source of mercury in the body, and that is not good at all because mercury is a potential neurotoxin that can cause various immunological and neurological disorders. Studies have shown that the dental amalgam steals continuously release the mercury steam and 80% of this steam absorbs itself through the lungs into the bloodstream. Once the mercury steam is present in the blood, easily absorbs itself into the cells. The electromagnetic radiation and the mercury create electrical field in the mouth. This deadly combo works through the galvanisms. The amalgam seals generate electrical field which increases the mercury steam caused by other harmful effects. This flow is measured by micro amperes and generally its measure is around 5 microamperes.

The clinical studies reveal that for oral galvanisms, the flow which is more than 5 microamperes can cause several health problems in the body, including headache, migraine, dizziness and nausea. All the symptoms disappear when the amalgam seals will be replaced.

The exposure to the electromagnetic radiation is associated with poisoning allergic reactions.

One clinical study discovers the differences of the electrical potential by 50 millivolts causes galvanism, leukoplakia and different toxic or allergic reactions. Also, studies have shown that some individuals who are more exposed to electromagnetic radiation as the one who comes out of the microwave have increased level of mercury in the organism.

In the studies which were conducted on the animals and humans, it was discovered that the electromagnetic radiation caused by the cellphone causes cellular calcium and effects on the homeostasis of the calcium which reduces the level of melatonin. That is important because the melatonin protects from the harmful effects of mercury and the free radicals.

How to protect yourself from electromagnetic radiation:

  • Avoid using cellphone often or use it safely
  • Avoid using Wi-Fi or other wireless networks
  • Replace the wireless cellphones with their wired versions
  • Avoid using laptops and similar devices
  • Move your bad at least 15 cm from the wall to protect yourselves from the electromagnetic waves

The best way to protect yourself is to purchase your own potential electromagnetic gauge measurer so you can identify the areas and the amounts of radiations.

How to protect from the mercury?

The best way of protection is the replacement of your amalgam seals with new ones without mercury.