Cucumber Juice Recipe to Fight Cancer

2 years

Cucumbers are 96% water, which makes them a great addition to almost all juice recipes. While commonly considered a vegetable, they are actually a fruit and provide lots of nutrients.

Cucumbers, melons and squash are all of the same plant family – curcubitaceae. Most long green cucumbers that are used for slicing and pickling are the most commonly recognized. However, thre are many varieties of the plants in this family, and they can be different shapes, colors and have knobs and other textured skins. They contain potassium, Vitamin C, Vimtain K, calcium and Vitamin A.

Cucumber Juice Recipe

This recipe is a great way to get nutrients from the cucumber and also the other fruits and vegetables involved. Run the following ingredients through the juicer and serve over ice:

4 carrots

1 cucumber

1 stalk of celery

1 apple

½ lemon, peeled

Cucumbers Help Digestion

When eating the skin of the cucumber, you get insoluble fiber and soluble fiber at the same time. It also provides nutrients that are absorbed by the intestines. Plant lignans bind with bacteria and change them to enterolignans that reduce the risk of cancers related to estrogen – like breast, ovary, uterus and even prostate cancer. In addition, cucumbers provide cucurbitacins that block cancer cells from developing.

Improve the Appearance of Skin, Hair and Nails

Astringent properties in cucumbers reduce puffiness, which is why they are typically used to cover the eyes during a makeover. The astringent also draws out dirt and cleanses the pores. Silica is present in cucumbers, and this helps improve the strength of hair and nails by providing stronger connective tissues. Consuming juice and putting it on your skin work equally well.

Weight Loss

The water in cucumbers helps the body rid itself of toxins commonly stored in the fat cells and part of the cause of inflammation. Cucumbers are also a good source of electrolytes, and they restore hydration to cells and balance fluid levels, which helps in weight loss and also dealing with conditions like arthritis. Balancing the electrolytes and keeping inflammation down is an important way to deal with the pain of arthritis and the issues with weight loss efforts.

In order to juice a cucumber, wash thoroughly and then get to work. The juice can be mixed into almost any juice or into a smoothie, as it does not change the taste of the beverage. Instead, it simply adds numerous health benefits and allows you to gain better skin, hair, nails and reduce risk of cancer and other health issues simply by adding the juice to your beverage already in the works.

Consider doing it daily to maximize the effects of the cucumber juice, especially if you already make juice for your breakfast or plan a smoothie as part of your daily diet. Keep in mind it is thin juice like water, so you may need to balance it with a thicker element in your smoothie to keep the right consistency. Otherwise, add it to apple juice or other vegetable juices to gain the many nutrients.