11 Reasons Why Handheld Devices Should Be Banned for Children under the Age of 12

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11 Reasons Why Handheld Devices Should Be Banned for Children under the Age of 12

These days, very often we see young children, toddlers and even infants playing with handheld devices like mobile phones and tablets. Technology has definitely helped improve our lives. Even then, these gadgets should not be given to children below the age of 12. At least, their usage should be restricted.

According to scientists, these gadgets are causing harm to children. They are being exposed to a viral world which does not have any scope for learning, behavior and development.

Despite knowing this, parents let their kids use these gadgets on a regular basis. Understanding how they affect their child’s life is important. The following are the 11 reasons you should know about why these handheld devices should be kept away from children.

Fast Brain Development

The brain of children develops very fast at a young age. Between the ages of 0-2 and 21, a child’s brain nearly triples. This development depends upon the stimulus that the environment does or does not provide. The stimulation due to technology has been linked with cognitive delays, learning impairment, lack of attention, excessive functioning and no self-regulation.

Slow Learning

Technology reduces the amount of mobility and movement in children. Younger kids usually move around a lot and this develops their learning and attention abilities. But with technology restricting the movement of children, this development will be delayed. It can also have a negative impact on literacy and academic success apart from the developmental delays. That is why the use of gadgets should be restricted among young children.


Most kids who use gadgets are restricted to their rooms. It increases their risk of obesity by 30%. This is not all. Obesity can further lead to other health problems. 30% of these obese kids can become diabetic. They are at a higher risk of stroke and heart attack. It can reduce their life expectancy to a great extent. About 25% Canadian and 33% of kids from the USA are obese. This might turn out to be the first generation that will not live longer than their parents.

4.Reduced Sleep

Excessive use of gadgets by children between the ages of 9 and 10 leads to reduced sleeping patterns. It leads to sleep deprivation and can affect their performance in school. 3 out of 4 children, i.e. 75% of them are allowed to use gadgets in their respective rooms. And 60% of parents don’t monitor or keep track of their child’s use of technology.

5.Aggressive Behavior

While using technology, children are exposed to a lot of unwanted things at a young age. The games that they play have a lot of violent content in them. Games like Grand Theft Auto  V show torture, rape , murder and mutilation. The US government has now classified this as a public health risk. All this is leading to aggressive behavior among children. Due to this, they have to be out in seclusion rooms or kept under restraint.

6.Mental Illness

Technology is causing a lot of mental health problems among children. One in 6 children in Canada have some or the other such problem. Some of them are anxiety, psychosis, autism, depression, attachment disorder, attention deficit, bipolar disorder and problematic child behavior.

7.Digital Dementia

Kids are being exposed to too much content because of excessive use of technology. This is leading to deficiency in attention and concentration among them. It also affects their memory. This is because their brain cuts the track of neurons in their frontal cortex. Deficiency in memory leads to learning impairment.


1 in 11 young children are suffering from problems related to addiction to technology. This is because excessive usage of gadgets detaches them from their parents. This makes them more attached to their gadgets.

9.Radiation Emission

Cell phones emit a lot of radiation which can be carcinogenic. WHO has classified cell phones in the 2B category risk because of radiations. It has been proposed by Dr. Anthony Miller of Toronto University to increase the risk to 2A. 2A is a bigger threat than 2B because it is categorized as a ‘possible carcinogen.

10.Negative Impact On Future

Technology can adversely affect your child’s future. Technology doesn’t teach your child practical lessons about life. Neither does it teach them survival skills. Therefore they are moving forward to a world which is not sustainable.

11.Eye Problems

Restricting your child from using gadgets for more than 30 minutes can save them from computer vision syndrome. According to this syndrome, kids can suffer from eye problems due to overexposure to computer screens.

Source: www.healthandlovepage.com