Yoga exercises to reduce weight

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Yoga exercises to reduce weight

 Yoga coordinate all parts of the body to function as one and leads to optimal body weight. Do not expect to immediately get a body like Gisele. But with regular practice you get better shaped body and glowing with confidence.

And do not forget to breathe properly during exercise. Breathe through the nose, exhale through your mouth, otherwise exercises would not have effect.


  1. Lateral strength

This is a position that melt fat and serves to stretch the muscles of the thighs.

Stand sideways with legs well apart, straighten foot forward on the right foot. Bend the right knee and foot Extend January left. Lower everything possible below the hips and tilt the right elbow of the right knee. Raise high left hand and follow it with his eyes.

Left hand that is stretched out up you weigh it as much as you can, do the same with left leg that you extended. Try hips to remain stretched. It is very important right knee and ankle to be in the same line.

If you are flexible you can download right hand on the outside of his right foot. Then place the armpit knee and hold this position for a period of 3 sets of breathing, then Repeat the lev side.

  1. Plough

Balance the thyroid gland, improves the digestive fluids in the body and should be developed as soon as possible.

This is an advanced exercise, so care must be taken not to damage the neck, so it does not turn your head while you are in this position.

Lie on your back and straighten your legs up. Press the palms on the ground next to your hips and start to slowly raise the hips. With arms stick to the hips and push them up. This is the first stage that will succeed progress after several attempts.

You will achieve success when you set your shoulders over your hips. Keep your spine and legs tight. In this position your legs still to rise above their shoulders. The last level will achieve chin when you touch the chest and holding back tight.

In the third and final phase until you firmly pulled spine, place the toes overhead and tap the country. This will also circulation and your feet.

Do the exercise twice every day and try to hold on a few minutes in posture.

  1. Turn Crescent

This position is used to stimulate the digestive system.

Start so that will set your feet together. Take a step forward with the right foot forward (about 120 cm). Lev hold the stretched leg and heel slightly raised.

Place your left elbow to your right knee and twist everything. Breathe slowly and deeply through your nose and do the exercise in three series with breathing. If you have a problem with balance, lower the left knee on the ground. Repeat the posture left side.


  1. Ship

This will be beneficial for your abs and back. Sit with your legs bent. Tighten the back of the knees and lift your chest and spine hold it upright. Then tilt backward and spine still hold tight. You will feel the stomach as activated while tilt. Breathe properly and give yourself extra strength during the exercise.

Then loosen your legs and try to stretch your legs. This position hold it in 5 series with breathing and repeat as many times in January.

  1. Boards

This position is for fat burning in the hands and formed a great muscle definition.

The secret of this position is that it activates all the parts to work together while breathing. Hands, arms, legs, heart – everything works as one.

Lie on your stomach and place your hands in line with shoulders. Fingers hold them open as long as you can. Early will hurt the joints, but over time will strengthen your muscles and will not pose a problem. The point is to really hold upright posture to resemble stone, not on the mountain, not the distorted hammock. The arms must be placed in a straight line with your hips and heels.

Shoulders do not let you go out on the outside, fill the spaces between the shoulder blades. Repeat this exercise 5 times in 5 sets of breathing.

There are other species of the posture that are more challenging. For example, to lift the opposite arm and leg and balance with one hand and leg.

You can make the same posture so that your elbows and knees will be lowered to the ground.

  1. Dancer

This position is good because you stretch the hips, stretch the back and shoulders and if you do it correctly you will feel like your whole body is activated. The first reaction when you stand on one leg will be to stop to breathe, do not do it – continue to breathe.

Start so that you set foot juxtaposed. Bend the right knee and lift your right hand. Hold your foot on the inside (it will allow you to stretch your shoulders back), again bringing your knees and juxtaposed Extend January lev hand that will balance.

Slowly align them right and left hip so that they come to the same line. Hold it upright chest and push to the hand you back.

You will initially have trouble balancing, so you can follow the wall, but be careful not to become dependent on it. Repeat the pose on both sides 5 series with breathing.

  1. Prasarita

This position regulates anxiety and helps the digestive system work.

Stand with your legs wide apart and take the little toes. Bend down and keep your legs tight. You will feel the stretch in your back and legs. Fix the hips over ankles and resting the neck with head lifted up. And suddenly, you will be surprised when the head will not slip between his legs.

Practice these exercises and eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Reduce alcohol and processed sugars, and over time you will lose more weight.

Be persistent!

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