With a glass of salt water per day to better health: Here’s Why!

2 years
With a glass of salt water per day to better health: Here’s Why!

Of course this does not mean simply mixed water and table salt, here we think of it in clean lukewarm water to add natural, unrefined sea salt. And that’s when you get a completely miraculous potion, which should consume daily on an empty stomach!

The people who have the habit of the morning, as soon as they open their eyes to drink a cup of coffee or eat breakfast if they propose instead to practice drinking a glass of salt water on an empty stomach,  would be skeptical or would react with disgust. However, believe it or not, it is this combination of modern man who lives at an accelerated pace life can bring many benefits.

Positive ions of the salt ions bind to the water molecules and vice versa. The water therefore is no longer just a “tap water”, and the salt is only “common salt”. This combination is a real balm for your body and health which will directly be absorbed.

All of the following items arising from the fact that sea salt is rich in elements that are important to our lives as sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium, silicon and even silver and gold.

Here are all the benefits you provide to your body if you eat every morning cup of warm water to which you have previously dissolve a teaspoon of sea salt.



The minerals that it is this rich salty beverage encourage lymphatic drainage which means that forces the body clean itself inside and naturally to discard toxins. In addition, there are antibacterial activity, and helps in the excretion of harmful bacteria from the intestines.


Water is essential for the body and for its normal functioning, but there is an opportunity to bring too much water. Some people whose body absorbs less water, drinking large quantities of water making a big mistake because it diluted too much tissue and water is retained in the wrong places. By drinking salt water can solve this problem because it provides good absorption which increases hidrating all cells.


Salt helps the mouth to activate the salivary glands, thus releasing enzymes that convert starch and glycogen into simple sugars. They assist in the breakdown of food by facilitating further digestion. ITO also in this way regulate gastric acid drastically reducing gastro problems.


For individuals who suffer from insomnia and other sleep disorders, this drink can help in removing them. In fact, natural mineral salt soothe the nervous system so that reduce the level of cortisol, a hormone responsible for stress, and thereby the alertness and tension.

Healthy bones

Known medical theory is that osteoporosis occurs when the body takes calcium and other minerals from bones are then “spend” to regulate the acidity of the blood. Salt water can replenish lost minerals from the bones, thus preventing their premature demise.


With regular consumption of salty water are helping your skin to stay healthy, shiny and elastic. The minerals that abound in it act as peeling inside, thus helping to get rid of acne, and their effect is beneficial for all kinds of rashes and eczema. As accompanying effect of deep detoxification, the skin surface remains shiny and bright.

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