Why do people with blood group 0 are special?

3 years

Leadership, action, energy and focus are among the best features that are prescribed to people with blood group 0.

They can be strong, productive, and angry, hyperactive and impulsive when stressed.

If you fall into this group of people, certainly has many times have you heard that right you are descendants of ancestors who were cunning, aggressive predators.

What makes you special and unique?

Because of his blood type are destined for diseases like ulcers and disorders of the thyroid gland. Members of this blood type also have insufficient levels of iodine, therefore it is difficult to regulate the thyroid gland. This causes side effects such as weight gain, fluid retention and fatigue.

In addition, people with blood type 0 have higher levels of stomach acid than others, and often result in stomach irritation and ulcers.

As to the type of personality and features, 0 blood group is estimated to be responsible, decisive, organized, modest, conscientious and practical. It is thought that these people are much better oriented and excellent logicians.

On the other hand, stress can cause bouts of anger and hyperactivity. People with this blood group are more vulnerable to destructive behaviors when overly tiresome, depressed or simply bored. It can include gambling, vices, request the extreme excitement, poor impulse control and risk situations. Avoid caffeine and alcohol. Caffeine is particularly harmful because of the launching of adrenaline, which is already high.

More than any other blood group, people with blood group 0 is necessary physical activity to maintain health and emotional stability. Regular exercise activity involves three to four times a week. For best results it is recommended that the aerobic activity of 30 to 40 minutes.

It would be wise to specify the plans and tasks that you have, no matter whether it is an annual, monthly or daily basis, to avoid impulsive reactions.

Regular food and even insert megjuobroci. Chew slowly and eat relaxed.

Avoid the adoption of major decisions or spending money when you are under stress. When you hook-up some weight, only physical activity can save.

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