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The bag is one of the favorite fashion accessories for women, but women often bear too heavy bags that might enrich the appearance, but not harm the health and body. Here’s what happens to your body when you carry a heavy purse.

Your natural behavior changes

One of the consequences of carrying a shoulder bag is a disorder of posture. When the bag is located on one side of the body, does not allow one hand to move as much as it should, while the other moves more. Many women have trouble holding down because of this.

Causes back pain

Given that the weight of the bag is a shoulder that burden you carry is asymmetrically placed, leading to disturbances in posture. Most people carry handbags in the dominant part of the body, if you are left-handed then carry the bag on the left shoulder. The consequence of this is a greater development of the muscles of the dominant party. This means that the back muscles have to compensate for weight, which leads to back pain.

Wearing heavy bag can cause pain in the shoulder and the muscles located in the neck. This can cause numbness in the upper back, shoulders and neck. In some cases, it can lead to arthritis, especially if you are carrying a large load on one side while.

Causes headache

In some cases, wearing a large load on one side, can cause headaches. When the muscles of the shoulders and neck writhing, it can cause pain in the back of the skull, and then extended to the front.

What can you do to reduce the harmful consequences?

Carry less stuff in the bag. The bag should never be greater than one tenth of your body weight, and ideally not exceeding 5 percent by weight.

Select a bag with a wide strap. The wide strap distributes the weight more widely and protects part of the shoulders through which pass nerves that go from hand to his neck.

Carry bag with handles.

Adjust the strap length in an ideal position, so as not to affect the movement of your hands. If the strap is too short, it will affect the way you sway your arms, while if it is too long, affects the way you move your hips.

Carry the bag on both shoulders alternately, so that you saddled shoulders equally.

Make sure the clothes. High heels and heavy bag is a bad combination.

Bring a backpack. When carrying a backpack, the weight is distributed evenly on both shoulders.




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