Hair Dyes Are FILLED With 5000 Types Of Cancer-Causing Chemicals! Use THIS Instead.

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Hair Dyes Are FILLED With 5000 Types Of Cancer-Causing Chemicals! Use THIS Instead.

In the Britain’s ‘The Daily Mail’ it was put out that hair dyes, which millions of women use, contain chemicals that have been associated with cancer. The British scientists warn that the hair coloring kits we use at home, as well as those used at the expensive salons are potentially risky for our health.

‘The Daily Mail’ is a respected and acknowledge scientific journal, and in it, it was reported that chemicals in the permanent hair dyes can react with tobacco smoke and other air pollutants and create one of the most potent compounds known to man that can cause cancer.

Over a third of the women in the world and one in ten men color their hair on a regular basis, and as the researchers say, it is ‘imperative’ that the risk for their health is quantified.

Nevertheless, the cosmetic industry has firmly disagreed with this claim.

Scientist from the Leeds-based company Green Chemicals presented this warning after they have carried out a review of the chemistry surrounding hair dye. According to them, all the information was already obtainable and they just ‘joined the dots’ to make the connection to cancer.

They also advised people to take care because the chemicals called secondary amines, which are either present in all permanent hair dyes or are created in them, can penetrate the skin and stay on the hair for weeks, months or even years after the dye application.

In time, these chemicals could react with the smoke from tobacco and exhaust fumes and create highly poisonous chemicals called N-nitrosamines.

The researchers from Leeds disputed that these chemicals can be still generated by a simple chemical reaction.

Hair dye has been associated in the past with a variety of cancers, such as tumors of the bladder, the breast, the brain and the ovaries and leukemia.

Even some concerns exist that more and more people are becoming allergic to the content of hair dye, and that this sometimes has fatal results.

According to David Lewis, one of the study authors and an expert in dyes’ chemistry, they cannot be sure in which quantity the N-nitrosamines are produced, or what is the risk level, but it is clearly that there is a potential hazard.

Further researches need to be done so that the levels of toxicity of these ingredients and the potential risks are established.

The spokesperson of Green Chemicals, who intends launching his own ultra-safe dies, stated that this information have been ignored for so long now.

However, the manufacturers argue that the possibility of the chemical reaction has been long identified.

According to Dr Emma Meredith, member of the Cosmetic, Toiletry and Perfumery Association, the use of these secondary amines in a form that can react in this way is forbidden by law.

However, as George Hammer, owner of the Urban Retreat at Harrods, says, chemical companies want to keep this under wraps.

In 2009, the Mail showed that women who use hair dyes over nine times per year face a 60 percent increased risk of contracting blood cancer. In 2010, the European Commission forbade 22 hair dyes which had lead to bladder cancer in some users.

How to use coffee to dye your hair

You can utilize this natural coffee mixture in order to get the desired shine and shade of your hair, and even to endorse hair growth. A study published in the January 2007 issue of the International Journal of Dermatology has revealed that coffee really can help with hair growth.

  • Make an organic coffee, and make sure it is really strong. It is recommended that you use espresso. If the coffee is not of organic origin, it probably contains some additional chemicals
  • leave the coffee and wait for it to cool down
  • combine two cups of leave in all natural conditioner and two tablespoons of organic coffee, grounded and a cup of cold brewed coffee
  • Once the mixture is done, apply it on your hair and let it stay for nearly an hour. This mixture is going to give your hair a beautiful chocolate color and it won’t cause any damage to it.

Simple Coffee Rinse

Prior to applying coffee over your hair, shampoo your hair first. Let the coffee stay on your hair for twenty minutes. For rinsing the coffee, use apple cider vinegar, since it is very good for sealing the color. After the apple cider vinegar, use water for rinsing off your hair.

If you can’t immediately see the results you desired, continue doing this process a few days in a row and give the coffee a chance to penetrate the strands of your hair.