Do You Know That Kind Of Organisms Are Living Inside Your Mattress? Are They Harmful?

3 years

Washing the face and fixing the bed after waking up are the 2 most practiced routines who are habit to almost every single living person. The fact that you will be surprised of is that in our mattresses and pillows live around 1.5 million mites and with this habit we are only helping them in their breeding.

First, let me explain what is really representing these mites and how they can make harm to our health.

Dust mites are actually tiny, microscopic organisms that live in our bed, pillows and linens. They feed on our dead skin cells and sweat and that actually quickly multiplies them. Also they discharge their feces very quickly, up to 20 times a day. Scientists clarify that in one average home bed there are 1.5 million mites present. So, if 1.5 million mites are currently in your bed, they each individually are excreting 20 times a day it is normally that the result will be frightening. Their drop is dangerous for the human health. It contains proteins which can be inhaled or can come in contact with our skin and the level of antibodies will rise rapidly. When the number of our antibodies is increased, our body starts to release histamine and then the real problem is knocking on the door.

Histamine causes swollen redness who is usually associated with allergies. The following symptoms are:

  • Breathing problems
  • Itching
  • Coughing
  • Sneezing
  • Fever
  • Nose problems

There are people who are very sensitive to these dust mites and they can get red bumps on the skin which are itching a lot.

It is very important to know how to get rid of them in order to improve the overall health. For our luck this solution is very easy and simple!

After getting out of bed do not make it immediately instead, open the window, ventilate the room and leave the door open to create draft and go to bathroom for starting your day. The mites cannot stand sunlight and fresh air so this will prevent their growth and their multiply. Also, change the covers on pillows and sheets every two weeks. Brush your mattress once a month with saline solution or baking soda.

Important: Never go to bed with wet hair!