9 Herbs To Detox The Liver And Protect The Body From Toxins And Pollutants

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In order to explain the necessity of this process we will give you a simple example. Now let’s start. Can you imagine a fish tank with a motorized water filter? And now imagine that the fish tank is clogged with toxins from the tank. You probably assume what will happen next. The whole tank will eventually be filled with the same toxins. It is the same with your body. When it comes to your body, your liver represents the filter, your body is the tank, and you are the fish that has to live in that tank.

In order to help you out we will present you several herbs that will help you cleanse your liver. But first let us show you why is liver detoxification so important for your body.

It is very important for you to know that the liver is the organ that is responsible for breaking down and expelling the toxins from your body. The liver produces bile, a detoxifying agent which is metabolically indispensable in breaking down fats from the food. Therefore everyone agrees that the liver plays a very important role in the outcome of your overall health.

According to Dr. Karl Maret, if your liver is working nicely, then your heart, brain, eyes, joints, kidneys and gonads will also function properly. Note this;if your liver is impaired from constructing even one of the thousands of enzyme systems that your body requires there will also beimpairment in the overall body function and this will all result with greater metabolic stress on the individual.

Lucky for you there are several herbs that can help you cleanse your liver. In this article we will present you 9 herbs that have proven to be effective in this kind of liver cleansing.

Borotutu Bark

Whenit comes to liver cleansing and digestive system support, borotutu bark is definitely one of the most powerful substances that will surely help you. This herb is also excellent in combating biliary colic and jaundice. You should know that this herb contains powerful antioxidants, which are excellent in protecting your liver cells from any serious damage.

Milk Thistle Seed

Due to its amazing effects on the liver and the gallbladder, this herb has been used for nearly two thousand years. Many believe that this herb was discovered by Pliny and Galen, the ancient philosophers, which used the power of milk thistle seeds for liver cleansing. This amazing herb also helps in regenerating of damaged tissue, it can improve your digestion, it helps with the detoxification of poisons such as alcohol and it even stimulates the bile production.

Chanca Piedra

The Chanca Piedra has proven to be effective for centuries. The indigenous people used this herb to naturally get rid of liver, kidney and gallbladder stones. Chanca Piedra stimulates the liver to purge itself of harmful toxins and foreign particles, and it also increases the bile production, it reduces the formation of calcified stones in the body and it soothes the liver.

Greater Celandine

According to the ancient Greeks and Romans, celandine was one of the most powerful liver cleansing herbs. One of the most famous French herbalists, MauriceMességué, says that you can use the greater celandine in the treatment of all liver problems. This herb is magnificent because it helps the liver eliminate the foreign particles, it stimulates enzyme production from the pancreas, it stimulates the production of bile,it helps relieve gallbladder spasms and improves a sluggish liver.

Chicory Root

Chicory Root is well known for its vibrant blue flowers. Aside this chicory is also a medical herb which is widely known for its ability to help you cleanse your liver. Ancient Romans, Persians, Arabian and Indian physicians used this herb to treat a number of liver ailments, such as: gallbladder and liver stones, jaundice, urinary stones, indigestion, depression, constipation and headaches.

Dandelion Root

Dandelion Root has proven to be very effective in the liver cleansing process. This herbstimulates bile flow from the liver, and is often used by herbalists in the treatment of fight fatty liver, cirrhosis, estrogen dominance, and even acne.

Organic Turmeric

The organic turmeric is well known as a powerful liver protector and even liver cell regenerator. This herb stimulates the enzymes and it is responsible for flushing out the toxins, including carcinogens, from the body. According to the latest UCLA research the turmeric is capable of combating the effects of carcinogens.


Every body uses peppermint for fresh breath. But did you know that this herb also stimulates bile flow and relaxes bile ducts, helping to break down fats? Peppermint also helps you reduce the bad cholesterol, and therefore it makes the liver’s job of filtering toxins much easier. This herb also inhibits blockages in the kidney and the gallbladder and it calms the stomach for optimal digestion.

Organic Yellow Dock Root

Organic Yellow Dock Root is a well known blood purifier and it is commonly used to cleanse toxins from the body. This herb help you break down fatty foods by stimulating bile production. It is alsoenhancing normal liver detoxification, improving the flow of digestive juices, helping the liver eliminate toxins, and has mild diuretic effects to help flush out harmful substances. The most important thing is that it helps in reducing the irritation of the liver and digestive system.



Source: The Science Of Eating