Are You Pale, Sleepy And Your Hands Are Constantly Cold ? Here Is What Is Happening To You

3 years
Are You Pale, Sleepy And Your Hands Are Constantly Cold ? Here Is What Is Happening To You

Are you constantly sleepy? Maybe you have a deficiency of this mineral.


Iron is one of the most important minerals and it is essential for energy, because it is the foundation stone for the red blood cells which transport oxygen through the body, which explains why you feel constant fatigue.

Symptoms of iron deficiency

Paleness is another sign that you have a lack of iron, then another symptom is the feeling that you lose your breath, which means you have shorter breaths and therefore your heart beat gets stronger and faster.

But there are many other ways through which your body shows you that you are lacking iron.

Other symptoms include headache, dizziness, ringing in the ears, loss of hair, cold hands or feet, struggling during swallowing, feeling of itchiness, disturbed sleep, lack of appetite, abdominal pain, wounded or unusually smooth tongue.

The ones who exercise passionately have a higher risk from a lack of this mineral

Studies have shown that the risk group are gym and exercise geeks.

According to one study one in three surveyed women, who are athletes, have reduced iron, and the most common diseases in their cases is clinical anemia.

Keri Rukton, a nutritionist, said that this study was focused on top athletes, and the results showed that chronic lack of iron is affected by the great desire to exercise. In addition, according to Keri, the lack of iron limits the transport of oxygen in the body and this can surely affect the mental and physical condition of the individual.

In order to perform safely all the exercises and other activities, you must eat well. Therefore if you are exercising it is crucial that you include meat products, which contain iron, in your daily diet. This will surely boost your energy level and you won’t be lacking iron.

Red meat is one of the largest sources of iron

Red meat is one of the richest and most useful sources of iron. Only one steak will provide you with three times more iron than one chicken or 250 percent more than broccoli.

You should know that iron is essential for energy. One of the easiest ways to increase your strength is to increase the intake of red meat up to 70 grams per day. Women, normally, eat only 56 grams of red meat a day. Therefore if you are exercising, we recommend, you increase your daily intake of red meat up to 70 grams per day.