They Itch You And They Bleed? Here Is One Natural Solution For Healing Hemorrhoids

3 years

Hemorrhoids are enlarged and inflamed vessels who are usually in or around the anus in the lower rectum. They represent a common problem in the modern age for many reasons. Growing number of people have seat life and poorer dietary fiber, because of the fast and modern way of life, people have less time for physical activity that contributes to chronic constipation.

This discomfort around the area of anus is included with pain and severe tingling also itching and bleeding signal the presence of hemorrhoids which should never be ignored.

If you are experiencing this problem, there are several natural ways that can greatly help in reliving the pain, unpleasant itching and bleeding in addition, read the following:

Garlic – necessarily grind a few cloves of garlic along with coconut or olive oil. Make sure you froze the cloves before use. The cones should be placed in the rectum, this will be a little uncomfortable but it will help in alleviating and treating well the sick varicose veins.

Reverse often your underwear – Your underwear should always be clean and made out of cotton fabric. Invert it several times a day. Carry with your always an extra pair of underwear especially if you have bleeding hemorrhoids. Your underwear should always be soft and comfortable in order to prevent irritation who can cause itching and swelling.

Cold sits baths – poking can be prevented by cold washing baths. This treatment is very effective for transient external hemorrhoids. Put water in your bath, add sea salt and sit in for about 15 minutes. Also, you can make a cold compress and put it directly to the anus. This will help in reducing swelling, discomfort and pain.

Additional tips:

  • Consume more foods rich in fiber
  • Drink large amounts of water
  • Exercise regularly