The Best Natural Remedy For Spine And Joint Pain!

3 years
The Best Natural Remedy For Spine And Joint Pain!

The drug which we present you has proven to treat painful joints and spine. This drug is transmitted for decades from generation to generation.

Take a handful of blue clay and knead it with vinegar. Ift he mixture is too dense then dilute it with a little bit of water. Then put several minced or grounded nettle peaks in this mixture. Now mix together all the ingredients and your remedy is ready.

As for the application, firstly you need to apply olive oil on the sore spot. Then put the mixture on some cloth and finally cover this compress with a nylon. Repeat this procedure for seven days and the pain will stop.

It well known that clay has healing properties and stimulates the body’s defense mechanisms.

Today the healing power of the clay has been also recognized by the medicine, because it is known that clay contains many mineral salts and oligoelements. Clay also contains aluminum, potassium, silicon, calcium, sodium, iron, silver, magnesium, copper and lead.

Clay helps in healing of many wounds, eliminates impurities from tissues, improves the blood and lymph circulation, and increases the reduced radioactivity in the body, so it is especially recommended to apply clay on the affected places after or between the radiation treatments.

Clay helps in the treatment of many diseases, such as:

  • anemia
  • respiratory diseases
  • arteriosclerosis
  • intestinal diseases
  • poisoning
  • ulcer
  • excess stomach acid
  • skin changes
  • hair loss
  • painful menstruation

You can also use clay even though you have no particular health problems. You can use it for , cleansing your organism or boosting your energy levels.

Try this:mix the clay with a distilled water and turn it in a medium thick paste. Now apply this paste on the sore spot.

Note:It is very important for you to note that the clay must not be prepared in metallic containers or mixed with a metal spoon. Contact with metal is changing the clays properties.

If you have problems with your knees or spine, be persistent. You should know that clay can even help you in cases when doctors recommend surgery or have given up on you. In such cases all you have to do is, be patient and use clay to lubricate the affected spots for at least several months.

How to consume  clay

Mix one teaspoon (plastic or wooden) of clay in a glass jar with 1.5 dl of plain water and let this mixture stay like that overnight. Remember always drink the clay in the morning on an empty stomach.

The first week– every morning drink only the water and leave the sediment from the clay to the bottom of the glass.

The second week– every morning during the second week you need to stir this mixture. Now let it stay for a while and then drink the medium blurry water and leave the clay that is in the bottom of the glass.

The third week– every morning during the third week stir this mixture and drink it all at once.

Very soon you will notice the beneficial effects of the clay. The best thing about this mixture is that even those who do not have any problems, can consume it. Therefore try this mixture and in no time you will feel that your body is clean, your skin is cleaner and brighter and you have more energy than ever.

And do not be afraid, clay leaves no residue in the body or the intestines. Long ago soldiers suffering from typhus, dysentery and various infections were treated by drinking a clay solution.

Where can you get the clay?

You can get itin the health food stores and the herbal pharmacies, you just have to mention that you need clay for drinking, because the clay for compresses is a bit larger.

Here we present you another great clay recipe – Face mask:

Mix 2-3, plastic or wooden spoons of clay with a few drops of lemon juice and still mineral water. Stir it until you get a homogeneous mixture. You can also add almond oil, olive oil or St. John’s wort to this mixture.

Apply this mask on your face and hold it up to a half an hour. Then wash your face with warm water and finally apply moisturizer on your face. The clay soothes the skin, treats acne, improves the formation of collagen and elastin, rejuvenates and refreshes the skin.

Note:For some specific problems, it is necessary to drink a clay solution along with this face mask or the compresses.

Source: Healthy And Natural Life