Just Burn The Leaves Of This Herb And Your Stress Will Disappear

3 years
Just Burn The Leaves Of This Herb And Your Stress Will Disappear

We all are under one stressful situation or another, but we can now manage our stress better with simple home remedies that can soothe our nerves and provide us with much needed relief.

Bay leaf is a herb that can be used not just as a dressing or as a garnish on our favorite meal but also as a stress reliever.

This herb is native to the Mediterranean and has been proven to be very effective in relieving stress, anxiety or tension.

So how does it do that?

A Russian scientist – Gennady Malakhov discovered that this evergreen leaf can be very effective in dealing with stress related issues just by burning it.

That’s right! Not drinking it juice (if any) or eating it.

The herb’s fragrance has been seen to provide a soothing feeling to the brain and nerves, in a way similar to lavender. The fragrance produced when the leaf is burnt calms your nerves when inhaled and helps you rest and once you can take a nap, you are on your way to relieving your stress related issues.

How to burn it

  • Get a dry bay leaf, you can get it from your local grocery store
  • Get an ashtray, now you might not be a smoker and may not have this at home, so alternatively you can use a saucer that you don’t use any more
  • Put the leaf on your ashtray or saucer and light it
  • Leave the room, make sure you shut the door behind you
  • Go back in after about 10 minutes, by then the fragrance would have filled the entire room
  • The room by now would have a nice smelling fragrance and the atmosphere in the room would immediately feel lighter, making you more comfortable and at ease with yourself

Sit on your favorite chair and inhale deeply, let the fragrance calm your nerves and relax your body and mind.

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