Cure For Many Diseases! See These Amazing Recipes For Quince Remedies!

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Cure For Many Diseases! See These Amazing Recipes For Quince Remedies!

Quince is a vitamin autumn bomb and it has been known in folk medicine from ancient times. This amazing fruit is primarily used as a mean to relieve cough and soothe the stomach problems. This beneficial fruit, is native to southwest Asia and the healing parts of this fruit are its leaves and seeds. Also the juice and the fruit syrup have many beneficial properties.

The quince fruit is rich in vitamins and minerals. This fruit contains vitamin C in large quantities, then vitamin B1, B2, niacin, carotene, calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper, sodium, zinc, iron, manganese, sodium, chlorine and sulfur. In addition, it also contains protein, dietary fiber and carbohydrates.

The seeds of this fruit have many medicinal properties. All you need to do is put them in a bowl, pour water over them and leave them to stay like that for a while. After a while the seeds will relieve mucus that can help you with your coughing problems. They contain large amounts of amygdalin or vitamin B17, which has an anticancer effect. The quince seeds are also rich in fat, tannin, pectin, sugar and malic acid.

Thanks to the tannin and the mucus this fruit has a beneficial effect on the bowel function and it can easily prevent infectious diseases. Also, quince contains a lot of pectin, which has a beneficial effect on the blood system, helps in lowering the blood pressure and protects against radiation.

Quince juice cures coughs, asthma and diarrhea, while baked or boiled quince is recommended for anemic individuals, but also is used in the treatment of inflammation of the stomach and intestinal mucosa. Quince is used for the treatment of mucous membranes of the throat, tonsils, and airway and it can also relieve heavy menstruation. Tea made from the seeds of quince cures insomnia, relieves tension and eliminates bad breath and the mucus from the seeds is used in the treatment of burns and wounds. Quince tea leaves are an excellent natural remedy for stopping diarrhea.

Tea made from the fruit of quince

This tea has a beneficial effect on breathing difficulties, it calms coughs, hoarseness and it relieves the symptoms of bronchitis.

Preparation:Wash, clean and cut the fruit of quince into four parts. Remove the seeds and the hard part around them. Then take the fleshy part, cut it into slices and immediately put them in a liter of water, so that the slices won’t change their color. Cook these slices for about 15 to 20 minutes on low heat and then leave them to cool. Strain the tea and drink it in small sips throughout the day.

Quince syrup for curing bronchitis

This is an extremely effective folk remedy for coughs and inflammations of the respiratory tract. This remedy is very easy to make and for its preparation all you need are few quince seeds.

Preparation:Crush the five quince seeds and cover them with 100 ml of water. When they create a dense slimy mass, add 15 g of fresh plantain juice and 100 g of sage honey and mix them well. Take one teaspoon three times a day before meals.

Quince juice for solving the stomach problems

If you are having problems with digestion you can easily eliminate them with the help of quince juice.

Preparation:Wash and finely grate a kilo of quince, and then strain it through a cheesecloth. You need to drink this juice immediately, because it oxidizes rapidly. It is best to drink this juice before meals.

Quince balm for curing burns

The quince seed balm can be helpful for treating mild burns and wounds.

Preparation:Mash 10 g of quince seeds, then pour 200 ml of water over them and wait for them to create a slimy mass. Finally all you need to do is apply this balm on the affected part of the body, either directly or as a compress.

Quince cheese

For centuries the French have been making quince cheese, which goes perfectly with roasted meats, chicken, duck meat and beef. This cheese is a powerful source of energy, and it can be taken as a remedy for improving digestion. However it is not recommended for diabetics and obese people.

Preparation:Cook two pounds of quince, along with the peel, until it is soft. Then let them cool for a while and then cut them into pieces and mash them. You should measure the mashed mass, and then add an appropriate amount of sugar to it. In kilogram of quince puree you should add a kilogram of sugar. Then cook them together on low heat for about 45 minutes. Note that you should stir this mixture constantly. Immediately after the cooking of the quince cheese, put the mixture into a suitable baking pan, shallow glass dish or some kind of bowl. Now you wait for the cheese to cool and then cut the cheese into cubes, roll the cubes in powdered sugar, and put them in a dark and dry place.

Quince sweetener

Quince also can be consumed as a sweetener, along tea for example, and thus it can alleviate many problems.

Preparation:Grind a kilo of quince, drain the juice, and then add 2 kg of sugar and boil this mixture shortly, and leave it to cool for a while and then pour it into sterilized bottles.

Anti-wrinkle and chapped lips quince lotion

For a face without wrinkles and beautiful lips, the folk medicine recommends quince seeds.Preparation of lotion from seeds: Chop finely 1 teaspoon of quince seeds, then grind them in a blender and pour two teaspoons of boiling water over them. Mix them well and let them stay like that for 10 minutes. You can apply this mixture on chapped lips and places on the face with pronounced wrinkles.

Preparation of lotion from quince peel: Take 200 gr of quince peel put them in three deciliter of some strong brandy, preferably grape brandy, and leave them like that for two weeks. Then strain this mixture and pour the quince brandy into three vials and seal the well. Use this lotion to lubricate wrinkled parts of your face twice a day.