8 Natural Remedies For Relieving Sciatica Pain That Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About

2 years

Lower back pain has turned out to be the most common ailment that affects Americans. It is the first thing they deal with in the morning and accompanies them throughout the whole day. It is quite inconvenient and in some cases it can have a terribly disabling effect.

Lower back pain, or sciatica pain affects individuals of different background and professions. Office workers who spend their working hours in front of the computer are not aware of the pressure they apply to their lower back.

The same happens to physical workers who run at a higher risk of straining their back while carrying heavy items or improper motion. You can hurt your lower back unconsciously and thus remain immobile for months.

Remedies for sciatica pain

The good news is that people consult their doctor as soon as pain starts striking their lower back. However, most of them do not know that sciatica pain can be relieves without any medical help.

Here are some great ways to treat your sciatica pain at home:


Getting enough rest is essential in the beginning of the treatment. Release your back of pressure and rest it for at least 48 hours. Do not strain it any further.

You should be also careful with your sleeping posture. Sleep on the side and bend your knees. Place a pillow between them. If sleeping on your back is your favorite position, place the pillow under your knees. After two days you can do your regular daily activities. However, you should do this less severely in order to avoid any straining and provide a proper healing.


Sciatica pain is quite unpleasant and disabling. Massaging can really relieve the pain, stress and strain you expose your body to. Massage therapists work well with your muscles and relieve tension or pain. You can also have a close friend or family member massaging your muscles with essential oil.

Cold and Hot

Apply heat or chills to your lower back. They are effective in reducing swellings and pain. Try placing ice packs onto your lower back. This will reduce your swelling and pain. How? Ice shrinks blood vessels and reduces inflammation. Heat treatments boost circulation and relieve muscle spasms.


Stretch your back on a daily basis to strengthen your back. Proper stretching strengthens back muscles and widen the gaps in the vertebrae. This reduces the stress on your nerves that cause that nasty pain.

Natural muscle relaxants

Celery seed, chamomile and yarrow act as natural relaxants that loosen your muscles and prevent pain. Apply the relaxant for 3-4 days. Natural pain relievers also work amazing. You can use angelica, ginger, Devil’s claw and willow bark.


Hydrating your body is essential. Believe it or not, this can save your back. Give your body enough fluids to keep its units lubricated and reduce the risk of injuries.

Ginger tea

It has potent anti-inflammatory properties that reduce swelling and pain. For optimal results, drink 3 cups of fresh ginger tea for 3-4 days.

Hot bath with Epsom salt

This therapy involves the magic of heat therapies and the efficacy of Epsom salt. Heat stimulates circulation and Epsom salt offers a healing effect. The combination of these two reduces stress and pain.

These methods have proven to be efficient, regardless of whether they are used on their own or in combination with other remedies. However, if your pain appears to be persistent, make sure you consult a physical therapist. Do everything that is in your power to relieve your pain for good.



Source: www.healthadvisorgroup.com