Here Is How To Prepare A Cure For All Diseases Of The Lungs – Plantain Syrup

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Here Is How To Prepare A Cure For All Diseases Of The Lungs – Plantain Syrup

Regardless of the type of plantain the syrup is made from, it acts the same.

Plantain (Plantago major and Plantago minor) is a valuable medicinal plant which has been unfairly neglected, but its time is yet to come. Although there is an existing natural syrup of plantain and thyme for decades, which is effective in the case of a cough and lungs, in our research, the plantain has also shown some fantastic features in mixtures with other medicinal plants.

In the folk medicine, plantain is usually used externally for wounds and ulcers, for various kinds of swelling and inflammation, and as a tea or syrup, it is used to facilitate expectoration, to dissolve phlegm, in the case of an ulcer of the stomach and bladder.

In nature, there is a small, male, and a female plantain, which vary in the leaf and flower. Whichever plantain you pick for the syrup, you cannot be wrong.  They differ a little in the taste, but their chemical composition and healing properties are the same.

The plantain is best to be picked in the summer and spring, as then you can put the leaves in a salad or in a blender to make juice (it can be mixed with both, fruits and vegetables).

It has undoubtedly remarkable healing properties. One to two tablespoons a day are sufficient to make you shine with health and energy.

Traditional recipe, how to make a plantain syrup

The plantain syrup is recommended for all patients suffering from diseases of the lungs, in the case of pulmonary tuberculosis, difficulties in breathing, cough and in the case of excessive mucous secretions in the chest.

A proven recipe for preparing homemade plantain syrup: Take a 5- liter bottle with a wide neck, and place 2-3 cm well-pressed and freshly harvested plantain leaves on the bottom. Pour about 1 cm dark sugar over them, and again a layer of well-pressed leaves. This continues alternately with layers of sugar and leaves until the bottle is completely filled.

The bottle is left overnight covered, and the next day you should fill it until the top again in the same way, as the contents of the bottle shrink during the night. This is repeated until the bottle is fully completed.

Now dig a hole in a protected location in your garden, close the bottle with a triple layer of protective cellophane or parchment paper (or is closed using wax), and place it in a pit, and cover it with a plank. Additionally, put some bricks over it. At the height of the stone or the brick, the upper part of the pit is broadened, so you should place a stronger plank there.

Finally, the rest of the pit is covered with soil. Put another plank over it to mark the place.

The bottle should remain three months thus. The contents of the bottle boil in the form of plantain syrup on an equal heat with the soil, and the leaves with sugar excrete juice in the form of plantain syrup. After the expiration of this time, take the bottle out of the soil and strain all the content of the well, and boil the so- obtained plantain syrup plantain once more.

Straining it through a fabric is not recommended, because such an incomplete draining will leave too many remains unused. The resulting syrup is bottled and well closed.

The syrup is the best home remedy for all diseases of the lungs

One who does not own a yard or a garden, cannot perform this type of fermentation which uses the steady heat of the earth. In this case, you need to put the bottle on a constantly warm place, preferably near the stove. The more steady the heat, the more favorable the fermentation will be. If the fermentation process is terminated by cooling, you will get less valuable, but not spoiled syrup.

If necessary, children take a teaspoon of the syrup several times a day, and adults should consume a tablespoon of it.

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