Healing Properties Of Dried Herbs. Russian Physiotherapist Recommends These Herbs

3 years

Dr. Victor I. Jakovenko is known Moscow physiotherapist and he does always advises that people should always have a container in which can burnt herbs and spices at home. We should use the healing effect of dried herbs because they emit substances with strong healing effect.

Cinnamon – creates a sense of home atmosphere filled with peace. It eliminates the feeling of fear and tension and it stimulates creativity and fills us with inspiration.

Dry lemon peel – The smoke from a dried lemon cleans the air in the room and eliminates the smoke from the cigarettes. It helps getting rid of mental problems and gives strength.

Dry orange peel – Improves mood, reduces the effects of stress and helps with insomnia.

Dry grapefruit peel – It improves mood also and leaves positive effect on the muscle tone.

Dry tangerines peel – It relieves fatigue and reduces stress and fear.

Black pepper – The smell of burnt pepper is an excellent remedy against apathy, sadness and melancholy.

Dried oregano – strong anti-bacterial reaction against the season of colds and flu.

Dried incense – facilitates breathing and calms and relieves insomnia.

Dried basil – encourages intellectual activities. Its strong flavor it is not recommended for pregnant woman and epilepsy patients.

Thyme – It improves memory, does not encourage activity and gives strength and courage.

Dry pine needles – disinfect the air and they may establish the emotional balance.

Dried needles from Christmas tree – improve the mood especially to those who suffer from loneliness.