Do You Know That You Drink Water The Wrong Way

3 years

We all know that we should drink from 1. 5 to 2 liters of water a day. But have you ever thought about what time we need to drink water in order to gain the maximum benefits?

The time of day at which we drink water is very important, although many do not believe it. Doctors advise to drink two glasses of water before going to bed. When you lie down, the lower part of the body is the same height as the kidneys, so the kidneys will have an easier time quickly discharging the liquid.

Also, if you drink water at certain time you will increase water’s efficiency in the body:

– Two glasses of water right after you wake up helps in activating internal organs.

– One glass of water half an hour before meals helps for improving digestive system’s work.

– One glass of water before having a shower helps for lowering blood pressure.

– One glass of water before you go to bed decreases the risk of stroke or heart attack.

It is interesting to add that water can prevent cramps in your legs that occur at night. Namely, leg muscles require hydration and when there is none of it, muscles contract and you feel pain.

Stay hydrated and pain-free by drinking enough water at the right times of the day.