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We all know that the only way to lost weight is exercise, and more importantly eating less. But scientists say there are a few “tricks” that can help us to achieve our ideal line…

1. Laugh – Laughter is proven that burns calories. If you laugh really hard for ten or fifteen minutes a day, you will burn 280 calories in a week.

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3. Every morning drink a cup of yogurt with half a teaspoon of cinnamon. Cinnamon will accelerate metabolism and just half a teaspoon a day is enough to “burn” excess kilograms.

4. Do not eat when you are at work. By having lunch somewhere else, you will enter, on average, 250 calories less than if you are having lunch at work.

5. Studies have shown that a glass of carrot juice can help you lose about two pounds within a week. If you are wondering how is that possible, the answer lies in fiber and nutrients that carrot contains which help in melting fat.

6.  Take calcium, and lose 2.6 percent more fat.

7. Eat red meat because meat it is rich in proteins and protein build muscle mass.

8. Exercise with some company. If you have a partner to practice, the results will be better.

9. Eat hot peppers. They contain ingredients that speed up metabolism by 25 percent.

10. Try not to be nervous at work. Stress is the commonest cause of overeating. Instead of stressing, eat something sweet when you are annoyed and try to breathe deeply for around two minutes, concentrating on the diaphragm.

11. Do not skip meals and make sure to take snacks twice a day. Snack should be with energy value of about 250 calories. If you stick to this rule, chances of losing weight will be increased by 30 percent.

12. Do not watch TV while eating because what way you body will not register satiety time. If you stop watching your favorite series while dinner you will lose up to 3.5 pounds a year.

13. Drink a glass of red wine a day keeps the fat of building up around your waist.

14.  Make love. You can lose 150 calories in 20 minutes by making love. Hormones that are released during sex may also boost metabolism.

15. Drink green tea – this drink stimulates fat burning by 20 percent.