What Do The Acne Tell Us?

2 years

We’ve all tried to explain the appearance of acne due to hormonal changes. But the place of the acne appearance means more than you assume. In fact, the face is like a map that shows what is wrong with our body – which results in acne. The connection is amazing and this approach is increasingly spread in dermatology clinics worldwide. Here’s what the acne suggest.

What do the acne tell us?

The critical areas are marked by numbers and explained below.

1 and 2 – Problems with the digestive system – Avoid fast food and meals with high fat. Drink more water and consume refreshing fruits and vegetables, such as cucumber, for example.

3 – Liver – Reduce alcohol, fatty foods and dairy products. This area is also critical for allergies, so thoroughly analyze the foods you eat. Each day do at least 30 minutes light exercise and sleep well in order for your liver to rest.

4 and 5 – Dehydration – This zone is associated with dehydration. Drink plenty of fluids.

6 – Heart – check their blood pressure, and the level of vitamin B. Reduce the consumption of spicy and hot food and often get out in the fresh air. Replace “bad” fats with “good” as omega 3 and 6 fatty acids which are found in nuts, avocados, fish and flaxseed. Since this area is critical to the appearance of large pores, check the date on the duration of your makeup.

7 and 8 – Kidneys – Drink plenty of fluids! Reduce carbonated drinks, coffee and alcohol.

9 and 10 – Airway – Maybe you smoke or you are allergic to anything. If that isn’t the case, consume refreshing food, reduce sugar and regularly go out in the fresh air. Reduce the intake of eat and dairy products, avoid alcohol, caffeine and sugar, and instead eat plenty of vegetables and consume natural juice and tea. Note that very often the main culprits for the appearance of acne in this area are the dirty phones or pillow covers.

11 and 12 – Hormones – The main area which shows problems of stress and hormonal changes. Try to reduce stress levels, and keep your skin clean. Here’s an interesting fact: acne in these areas occur during ovulation, and even show on which side are ovulating.

13 – Belly – Drink herbal teas and consume foods with fiber.

14 – illness – most commonly indicates that your body is struggling with some bacteria to prevent disease. Find ways to relax, such as yoga and time for afternoon naps.



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