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Even though we are aware that sugar is a great enemy of our health, we still love eating sweets. Sugar can cause numerous health problems. Therefore, by quitting consumption we can allow many positive changes in our body to happen.

There are natural sugars in fruit and milk. These sugars are good for our health and can be entered in our organism in larger quantities through the abovementioned groceries.

But unlike natural sugars, industrial processed and refined sugars are huge threat to our health. With their eviction from the diet we can dramatically improve our health. You can easily replace refined sugar with natural substitute sugar such as the one you will be getting from honey or maple syrup.

If you decide to take that risk and quit eating sugar, here are the positive changes you will go through.

1. Your body weight will stabilize

If you enter a lot of processed sugars, found in oily and junk food and dishes with many carbohydrates, you will become addicted to sugar. The more you eat, the more you want.

If you get rid of sugar, your body will thank you because it will not have to fight unwanted extra calories.

At first you will feel a great desire for sweets, but once your body cleanses from artificial sugars, you will stop constantly feeling hunger, you will lose weight and your weight will stabilize.

2. You will stop carving for sugar

Quitting sugar will help you get rid of the desire for sweets. After a while, your favorite chocolates will become too mild for your taste, and you will mostly enjoy the taste of fruit and natural sugars found in it.

3. You will be full of energy

Whenever we are tired we consume food or energy drinks that contain large amounts of sugar because we want something quick to “raise” us up. But, in fact, we are harming our body this way. Namely because all the sugar we enter blocks our body’s ability to maintain the maximum energy level. Therefore, in moments of fatigue you should be strong enough not to reach for chocolates and drinks that contain caffeine and/or sugar. This way you will avoid large increases and decreases in blood sugar, which actually makes us feel tired.

4. Digestion process will become stabilized

Drastic reduction of consuming sugar will make a big difference in your digestive system. Our digestive system mostly needs food with lots of fiber and the least it needs is heavy to digest foods, including sugar. Stomach and intestines will easier digest imported food and your stool will stabilize as well. Constipation will become something you used to deal with in the past.

5. Your skin will become healthier and more beautiful

Sugar causes acne. If you cannot get rid of them with the help of cosmetics and creams, consider to eliminate sugar from your diet because it is possible that your problem with acne comes from it. Many people who quit eating sugar confirm that their skin soon become prettier, cleaner, healthier and more elastic.

Source: http://www.healthyfoodstar.com/