3 years

1. Sudden mood swings

Stress is magnet for toxins that weaken the body and lead to lack of energy. As a result of stress, sense of anger, fear, anxiety and jealousy occur.

Advice: Instead of coffee and cigarettes, reach for fruits and tea. Learn how to relax. Try to completely relax at least 10 minutes a day.

2. Poor concentration

Quiet indicator in the body that causes violent reactions is fall of concentrations because of which we do not only lose the desire to work, but we are put in a position is which we panic and thus we worsen the whole situation.

Advice: Learn to recognize the clear signs that your body sends. Make sure you rest and walk in nature, hang out with friend and increase intake of minerals in the body, because the body is the same as the computer you occasionally need to restart. If you do not it, it can come to a complete blockade.

3. Need for junk foods

The intake of unhealthy food in the body is a habit, and the increased need for it is a sign that your body is in danger and you need to stop the desire for unhealthy foods. Toxins are one of the biggest culprits for various diseases of the blood system. Also, toxins stop the work of the kidneys and liver.

Advice: Exclude carbohydrates and meat from the diet. Allow yourselves five days for cleansing your body by drinking freshly squeezed juices from fruits and vegetables. Also, make sure you discard sparkly drinks as well. You can replace them with juices made of real fruits and vegetables.

4. Bloating

Accumulated fats and sugars in combination with stress slow the metabolism and cause bloating. All this is due to dynamic everyday lifestyle because of which we all reach for junk food.

Advice: Consume grapefruit and eat fresh fruits and fresh vegetables. Try consuming as much as possible foods that has abilities to eliminate toxins from the body, such as whole grain cereal and drinking nettle and birch teas.

5. Poor skin quality

Cracked capillaries and oily skin occur as a result of toxins presence. Toxins prevent the passage of nutrients through the epidermis of the skin which leads to closing the pores of the largest organ of our body.
Advice: Include physical activity, peeling and massages in your daily routine. Those are the only ways through which you can awake your body and improve poor skin. Healthy beverages have extremely good positive effects when it comes to cleansing the body and skin.