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Lung cancer detected at an early stage can be cured in 50% of cases compared with cancer that has metastasized wherein the percentage of successful treatment is only 2%. Learn how to notice the first symptoms of lung cancer in order for the possible treatment to be with better results.

Often disease

If you often get sick from the flu, colds or bronchitis, the cause may be reduced immunity and, unfortunately, lung cancer.

The symptoms are similar to those which you are dealing with if you have colds, flu or infection. The difference is in the frequency and duration of these symptoms. If you feel the symptoms for a longer period of time, immediately see your doctor.

When cancer cells spread in the tissue of the lungs and bronchial tubes the same symptoms as the common cold and flu appear. The immune system is decreased and the body cannot defend itself.

Loss of appetite and body weight

If inexplicably you lose weight despite eating well, you need to find the real cause. It occurs in some people to simply forget to eat, or food that was once delicious suddenly becomes repulsive, some get the feeling of satiety after eating very little food and/or immediately feel nausea. If these symptoms were not previously present, and lately you are facing them, seek medical help.

Abnormal growth of breasts in men

Increasing breast in men is a sign of a serious health problem. Sometimes one breast increases in the area around the nipple. When the tumor has spread, substances and various hormones that move through the bloodstream are released and thus breast growth occurs. One in five patients said that the first symptom was the growth of the breast.


Fatigue is also one of the early symptoms of lung cancer. It is similar of fatigue as when you have the flu and/or colds. The difference is that this one is constant and does not pass. Substances that are being released by the cancer travel through the bloodstream and affect the level of oxygen in the body, red blood cells’ health, adrenal gland and all other organs involved in energy production.

Fatigue can also be caused by insomnia, too much work, stress and other factors. Hoever, if you are constantly tired and have lack of energy without any cause in particular, make sure to pay your doctor a visit.

Shortness of breath

15% of cases of lung cancer are non-smokers. The main causes are exposure to polluted air, various chemicals and passive smoking. Shortness of breath is associated with many diseases, including cancer of the lungs. If you have trouble breathing, especially when you want to breathe deeply or often you need to clean your throat, you have a dry cough, coughing orange or red slime, do not hesitate and go see a doctor!

Sick and swollen fingers

Pain and swollen fingertips can be caused by many reasons, but most often occurs when the issue is lung cancer. Often these symptoms are replaced with arthritis. Fingers can be swollen under the nails, but redness, swelling and heat can occur as well. You may also have to deal with difficulty in movement and reduced motor skills of hands.

Weakness in muscles

Feeling of weakness in the muscles can be a sign of lung cancer. It occurs when harmful substances, caused by the spread of the tumor, through the bloodstream reach the muscles. If these harmful substances are spread to the brain, they can cause weakening of the function of one side of the brain. If you feel tired and need to put extra effort in everything you do, just make an appointment with the doctor.

You feel chest pain, back pain and abdominal pain

Chest pain is usually associated with a heart attack. If you do not belong in this risk group, you should see a doctor in order to determine whether it is lung cancer or not. Chest pain is the first symptom of lung cancer in one in four people. Pain in the back, shoulders and neck resemble the sore muscles. If you constantly feel pain in the back, shoulders and abdomen, make an appointment with a doctor.