What Your Acne Tells About Your Health

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What Your Acne Tells About Your Health

According to the Chinese Traditional Medicine (TCM) the face is the window to the innermost parts of the body, and that what is on our faces speaks to what is going on inside of us.

For example, acne or other inflammatory skin conditions in certain regions of the face point to possible inflammatory or toxin-related issues within our internal organs. Here is a short tutorial on the art of face mapping.

What Your Acne Tells You About Your Health (According to TCM)

Upper forehead

The topmost part of the forehead is thought to be connected directly to the lower digestive system (the bladder and large intestine).

An acne breakout in this area indicates poor digestive function according to face mapping beliefs. To clear up the skin and the internal problem thought to be causing it, consuming foods rich in antioxidants (berries, lemon water and green tea are ideal) should do the job for healthy skin and healthy bowels.

You can also follow the suggestions I mentioned in my article about the 8 natural methods to treat digestive problems or you can also consume these 10 herbal teas to strengthen your digestive system. Another option is to cleanse your colon (which is part of you digestive system) using two ingredients.

Lower forehead

According to Chinese medicine, the lower forehead is said to be connected to the psyche and spirit.

Breakouts in the area just above the eyebrows is thought to be caused by psychological factors (stress, anxiety, or depression) and problems with proper blood circulation.

To prevent these issues, take steps to manage stress and get ample amounts of sleep. Make sure to fit some “you time” into your hectic life so that you can unwind, relax, and keep your skin and psyche healthier.

If you also suffer from anxiety and depression you can also use these essential oils and you can also follow these 18 natural ways for boosting your mood. Learning relaxation techniques is also one of the 70 habits featured in my e-book 70 Powerful Habits For A Great Health.


The area between and surrounding the eyebrows is thought to be an indicator of liver function.

Acne here may point to a diet that puts too much stress on the liver, such as a diet high in fats or excessive alcohol consumption. To address these issues, try a lower-fat diet and reduce or eliminate alcohol from your diet and also avoid common habits that can damage your liver.

If you are looking for ways to detox your liver, read my posts about the best foods to cleanse your liverand about the best herbs to cleanse your liver. For more ideas on how to detox your body, you can find more useful information in my e-book The Detox Guide.


The cheek is associated with lung function.

Smokers and people who suffer from bronchitis and respiratory allergies may find themselves suffering from breakouts in this area. Take precautions to protect your respiratory health by avoiding smoking and allergens in order to clear up pesky breakouts on the cheeks.

If you are a smoker, follow these 5 natural ways to quit smoking. If you want to cleanse your lungs make sure to eat these foods.


Acne on the nose is said to be associated with heart-related problems, such as high or irregular blood pressure and chronic or acute stress.

Make a conscious effort to do stress-busting stuff, and protect your heart. Eat heart-healthy foods and herbs and foods known to reduce blood pressure and blood cholesterol and take steps to decompress from your daily stress to keep nose breakouts (and thus, cardiovascular problems) from occurring.

Chin and mouth

These areas are associated with the upper digestive system (stomach, small intestine).

Often, breakouts in this area are associated with poor diet choices like eating too much processed food. Avoid fast food, fake foods as well as these 10 food ingredients. Eat more fresh, raw fruits and vegetables and get a good amount of fiber in your diet in the form of whole grains and this will also help you to prevent constipation.

The sides of the chin are connected to the reproductive organs, urinary tract and kidneys.

The menstrual cycle can cause breakouts here (and elsewhere, as women all know!) and sometimes may indicate an underlying hormonal imbalance issue.

It may also point to a problem with kidneys working overtime. Again, the best solution for breakouts in this area is to schedule in relaxation time and take it seriously. Stress can have a severe impact on health, and reducing it in small ways on a regular basis can mean the difference between good health and poor health.

Also make sure to avoid these 15 common habits that can damage your kidneys.


Those annoying pimples that pop up on the ears are said to be indicative of kidney function.

When the kidneys are functioning at a less-than-optimal level, you get breakouts on the ears. To help your kidneys work as they should, consider reducing dietary sodium intake. Also, kidney function can be affected by your body’s hydration level, so make sure to drink plenty of water each day to avoid impaired kidney function (and ear pimples!). You can also watch out these 7 warning signs that tell you that you body is lacking water.


Source: HealthyAndNaturalWorld.com