2 years

Ginger is very suitable for growing at home because it does not require a large amount of sunlight, and it allows some parts to be left growing while others are used.

It is well known that ginger is extremely healthy and healing plant. This spice is also known for its characteristic taste. It is used in herbal cocktails, culinary, teas and more.

Ginger ripens over a period of ten months, it is recommended to keep it indoors during the cold months because it does not tolerate cold weather.

How to plant ginger

It is best to buy seed from herbal pharmacy or garden center. It is not recommended to plant ginger bought at the supermarket because this kind is certainly treated with an inhibitor of germination and you will not get the desired results. In case you want to plant supermarket bought ginger it is advisable to leave it in water overnight in order to remove any pesticides, if there are any.

Choose soft, elastic root with a firm crust for planting, preferably with a few sprouts – the greener the better. Remove each stub and plant it in a wide and shallow pot because ginger grows horizontally.

Process for growing ginger at home

– Put the ginger in lukewarm water and let it soak overnight in order to get rid of all toxins.

– Fill the pot with rich and disperses soil.

– Place the root in the soil, with the bud  upwards and cover it with about 5 cm of disperses soil. Make sure you well moisten it.

– Place the ginger pot in warm area in the shade.

– Use spritz bottle in order to maintain the soil moisten all the time.

– The first sprouts should grow within few weeks – water it constantly.

Harvesting ginger’s fruit

You can harvest first fruits of ginger within 3 to 4 months. Since rhizomes will be mature, you can remove and plant the sprouts on the edge of the pot in order to have more fruit. If taking good care of the plant it will consistently give you roots that you can pick and consume and re-grow as described above.