3 years

Many people who have this problem are constantly monitoring it and buy every new product that appears on the market, but, unfortunately, they are not getting the expected results. The purchase of these products will only drain your pocket without any benefits.

Apply these home remedies that will really help you save the hair on your head.

Massaging the scalp with coconut oil

Coconut oil can be used to massage your scalp. Massaging the scalp is an excellent method for stimulation the blood flow where most hair falls. It also helps to reduce stress which is one reason for hair loss occurrence.

Prevention of hair loss with young wheat and Aloe Vera

If you regularly consume juice from young wheat you will be able to reduce the intensity of hair loss. If you combine this with the application of Aloe Vera gel, then you will gain the expected results. This will especially help if the hair loss is a consequence of dry hair or scalp irritation. Massage the scalp with Aloe Vera at least twice a week.

Trimming hair with coconut squatted

Coconut milk nurtures both the scalp and your hair. This is why so many products for hair care contain coconut milk. It makes hair thicker, stronger and shinier and hair then has sweet tropical smell. If you add a cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice to coconut milk you will get a hair conditioner that will help to remove dandruff and prevent itching of the scalp.

Application of home remedies against hair loss

Heat a little fenugreek in coconut oil and leave it to cool. Then apply the oil on the scalp and massage.

Normalizing the scalp

Put a few nettle leaves in water in order to boil a bit. Once the liquid cools to room temperature, apply it onto the hair and massage. This will help to remove oiliness from the hair and scalp. Then massage for a few more minutes and rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar. This will help to restore the normal pH balance of the scalp. Then wash your hair with shampoo to neutralize the smell of apple vinegar.

Diet against hair loss

Enter more seeds and nuts in your diet. These ingredients will provide vegetable oils for prevention of hair loss and scalp health. Consume more spinach in order to keep the level of iron in the blood, which is also good for healthy scalp. Also, enter more products rich in protein such as legumes and meat.

Do several treatments before showering

Make a mixture using curd and a teaspoon of flour. Massage the scalp with the resulting mixture before showering. You can make a mixture of several cracked coriander leaves. A few minutes before showering, apply this mixture to massage the scalp.