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In this article we will present 5 wrong myths about hair that you must not adhere. Find out what is best for your hair, and what is completely wrong.

There are myths that are imposed on us and are completely wrong. Find out who they are!

1. Dandruff is nothing but dry skin

People often think they have dandruff because they have dry skin, but it is far from true. Unpleasant itching and dandruff are the result of dry scalp, but it is a reaction to a fungus whose natural living environment is our scalp. When you are exposed to excessive stress or frequent weather changes, this fungus increase in number and thus you get dandruff. Fortunately, many shampoos effectively assist in fighting dandruff.

2. Baldness is inherited from the mother’s side

It is possible because baldness is hereditary, but not always from the mother’s side. Moreover, it is proven that hair loss affects many factors. One third of men start losing their hair in the 45th year of their lives. It is due to DHT – a combination of testosterone and enzymes. But if there is baldness in the family, there is no way you can slow down the process of hair loss. It is best to consult a dermatologist.

3. Hair needs to be washed everyday in order to maintain it clean

Wrong! If you wash your hair every day you might make a big mistake. Daily shampooing your hair weakens it and makes it oilier. Too frequent washing destroys the natural oil on your head and it is becoming worse.

4. Whitened hair is a consequence of stress

Even though stress is pretty bad for the body, scientists say it does not cause the hair to go white. Whitened hair is the result of genes. If you are genetically prone to white hair, look for shampoo that will slow the process.

5. Products for stimulating hair growth do not work

If you lose your hair or simply you never had good quality hair, do not be skeptical. There are some products that can really help your hair to become thicker, or at least slow the hair loss.