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Hives are a tricky allergic reaction that can cause serious concern when they appear, but luckily there are natural home remedies for hives.

Hives occur when the body is exposed to something that can cause an allergy, because a hive is the result of the body releasing histamine, which then causes itchy red bumps on the skin. It is hard to pinpoint why some people suffer form hives regularly, while others rarely or never have the reaction, despite having allergies. If you are someone that does suffer from hives, consider the following natural remedies to help you feel better quickly.

Calamine Lotion

A simple solution to hives is to apply calamine lotion lightly to the area where the hives are appearing. Blood vessels shrink as a result of this application, and the hives tend to disappear more quickly. The advantage of Calamine lotion is that the itching is relieved immediately.

Witch Hazel

Another application for hives would be Witch Hazel, which will alleviate the itching and also shrink the blood vessels to help relieve the hives quickly.

Pepto Bismol

This will relieve the itching if applied to the area where the hives have appeared. The swelling will still need to go down before the hives disappear, however.

Baking Soda and Water

Mixing baking soda and water into a paste and applying it to the area where the hives are is another method to relieve itching. It also prevents irritation when you can not stop yourself from itching that area, even subconsciously.


Vinegar, when mixed with lukewarm water, can be spread over the area with a cotton ball to bring down the itching to a manageable level. Another alternative is to mix brown sugar, ginger and vinegar (quarter cup, one teaspoon and ¾ cup respectively) together to boil. Once boiled, add some warm water and then apply the entire concoction to the area several times per day until the hives disappear.

Reducing stress can also help alleviate the issues that hives create, so if they appear another option is to drink some calming tea or resort to meditation, yoga or another calming activity to help get rid of them as quickly as your body can deal with the allergen and stop giving off histamine.

Individuals who deal with hives regularly usually find one of these methods highly effective. They keep the necessary products on hand to deal with a rash of hives quickly. That way, they know they are ready to deal with hives, which also relieves some stress and helps in that manner.

Keep a diary of things that you eat or are exposed to, like antibiotics. That way, you can easily find the trigger and eliminate it from your diet or limit your exposure. People find that common allergens like shellfish, milk, chocolate and eggs can be likely to cause hives. Keeping this in mind is a good way to avoid new foods that may cause a reaction, based on what has affected you in the past. When getting antibiotics from the doctor, it should be a point of conversation with him or her if you tend to get hives regularly.