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Good news for the people who need that morning coffee like they need to breathe: coffee is the best source of antioxidants in the world.

Everyone knows that coffee has caffeine, and that is considered bad in large doses. However, it can be a good beverage to consume if it is giving you antioxidants as well. This is a great thing to understand for people that are being told to quit drinking coffee. Although, if your doctor is the one telling you to lay off the java, he or she probably has a good reason. It may pay to listen in that instance. Otherwise, read on for reasons to keep drinking coffee.

Antioxidants are Not Easily Understood

Researchers have found that coffee provides a significant amount of antioxidants to the drinker. That is the good news. The bad news is we are still studying how those antioxidants are used and absorbed, so just because your body receives a lot of antioxidants from coffee does not mean it uses them to the best of its ability or even has the ability to absorb and process them correctly.

Part of the reason that coffee is the biggest provider is also because people tend to drink a lot of coffee. Therefore, each serving of coffee provides a lot of antioxidants, and people get more because they drink a lot of coffee, compared to daily servings of spinach or kale.

Antioxidants are helpful in reducing inflammation and thereby helping with pain of arthritis. They also help prevent cancer and increase heart health. Therefore, any additional provider of antioxidants is a benefit. The fact that you need your coffee to wake up is an inconsequential detail.

Coffee Has Other Health Benefits

Despite previous assumptions that coffee is bad because it has a lot of caffeine, researchers have actually found a lot of evidence to the contrary. Coffee helps prevent diabetes, for example. It also helps fight two types of cancer, colon cancer and liver cancer, and helps delay the onset of Parkinson’s Disease, if that is a possibility for you due to your genetics.

Coffee still can give you the jitters when you drink too much. It can cause stomach pain and can increase your heart rate. Therefore, drinking coffee in excess is still not recommended. Instead, focus on eating more fruits and vegetables to get more vitamins and minerals – something coffee does not provide.

Balance your coffee drinking with proper calories from healthy foods, and you can still enjoy the fact you get your caffeine boost and your antioxidants from the same source. Use that as an argument against family that tries to get you to give up your coffee. Sit at the table and smile as you drink your cup of joe in the morning, knowing that you are doing something that is good for your body at the same time you might be adding something bad. Life is full of contradictions.