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Most of us got used to consume apple cider vinegar in salads and other dishes, but due to its medicinal properties, it has been used in other purposes for hundreds of years.

The apple cider vinegar is an excellent aid to the household. Read the rest of this article and find out in the next 10 points what other ways you can use apple cider vinegar in order to make your life simpler.

1. It cleans the face

Due to its antibacterial properties, apple cider vinegar is ideal for cleaning the face. It may help in removing pimples and maintain good pH balance of the skin. Dissolve a little bit of vinegar in water, soak a piece of cotton in it and clean your face.

2. Helps in the process of weight loss

The apple cider vinegar gives a feeling of satiety, and apple cider vinegar’s acid prevents accumulation of fat.

3. Improves the digestion process

If you have problems with digestion, mix a little bit of apple cider vinegar in water or juice and drink it. Pectin, which is present in vinegar, will improve the function of the intestines.

4. Cleanses the sinuses

Apple cider vinegar removes mucus that collects in the sinuses and makes breathing difficult. Its antibacterial properties also prevent sinusitis and colds. Drink some water mixed with apple cider vinegar.

5. Neutralizes bad odors

If you notice unpleasant odor in your home and it does not disappear, put a small amount of apple cider vinegar in a bowl and the bad odors will disappear.

6. Makes hair shinny and soft

Put one-third of a cup of apple cider vinegar in four cups of water. Use the resulting mixture to wash the hair after shampooing. Rinse the hair with cold water afterwards. Also, if you have problems with dandruff and want to get rid of it you need to sprinkle the scalp with a mixture made of vinegar and water twice a day. Wrap your hair in a towel and leave for an hour. Wash your hair as you usually do afterwards.

7. Removes unpleasant odor from the oral cavity

Gargle with a small amount of apple cider vinegar. This will get rid of the odor. Vinegar will kill the bacteria that cause bad breath.

8. Serves as a deodorant

You simply cannot find healthier deodorant then apple cider vinegar. Apply apple cider vinegar on the armpits and leave it to completely dry.

9. Whitens the teeth

Gargle with a mixture made of apple cider vinegar and water and then brush your teeth as usual.

10. Helps against throat inflammation

Once you experience pain in the throat, gargle with mixture made of warm water and apple cider vinegar. Gargle with the mixture on every hour.