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We all know the checkout aisle is prime territory for impulse buys, but there are several other items not to purchase, including these 10 grocery store items you should never buy.

Grocery stores sell several things that have healthier alternatives. Below are 10 that should be knocked off your grocery list forever.

Relish with Artificial Dye

Most pickles (as in all but one or two brands) contain artificial yellow dye. For that reason, buying pickles or relish from a store means you are feeding your family artificial dyes in pickle form. Opt instead to make your own at home or buy Real Pickles, the fermented organic dill pickles that contain only natural herbs, cucumbers and sea salt with filtered water.

Soup with MSG

Monosodium Glutamate, or MSG, has been known to make people eat more because it tricks your brain. It also has been found to be a cause of migraines. For that reason, avoiding almost all canned or boxed soups is a smart idea.

Salad Dressings Full of GMO Oils

Almost all salad dressings contain soy oil. Considering almost all the soy grown in the United States at this time is genetically modified, that is not good news for your favorite salad dressing. Make your own with vinegar or opt for a brand like Hilary’s Eat Well dressings.

Bread with L-cysteine

Food for Life Bread is a safer alternative than most brands, which include GMO corn syrup and other undesirable ingredients that aren’t good for your family.

Coffee Creamer

Coffee creamer contains many types of trans fat, considering the primary ingredient in some is hydrogenated oil. Make your own or reach for an alternative like coconut milk, which will give you some taste without the associated problems you get from ingredients in creamers.

Baby Formula with Corn Syrup

Even organic formulas can contain corn syrup. Cows treated with artificial growth hormones also contribute to those formulas, along with ingredients containing genetic modification in other forms. For that reason, read the labels carefully and opt for a formula like Hipp Organic First Infant Milk, where the ingredients are organic and/or vitamins.

Canned Tuna with GMO Soy

Genetically Modified (GMO) Soy has higher levels of formaldehyde and lower levels of the antioxidants that make soy attractive to add to your diet in the first place. Finding that type of soy in your canned tuna is reason to be concerned. Therefore, avoid Tuna like that of Starkist and reach for American Tuna.


We all know that soda is bad for us. Ideally, you would just skip that aisle altogether, but rare are the families where everyone has the willpower to skip over soda and drink some water. Therefore, instead of reaching for the sodas that are full of high fructose corn syrup and preservatives, not to mention other chemicals, try making ginger ale at home with coconut nectar, sparkling water, lemon and ginger.

Cereal with Aspertame

Fiber One has Aspertame. Did you know that? If not, it is time to read those labels a little more closely before throwing it in the cart. Cereals that boast of better fiber content or more whole grains usually are hiding more sugar or preservatives. Therefore, reach for a box like Two Moms in the Raw, Grain Free Cereal.

Juice with Additives

Juice in the store is usually made from concentrate, and the process cooks out any benefits the juice had when it was a fruit rather than sugar water with a fruity label. Instead of opting for the juices in store, go for the healthy ones that only contain vegetables, fruits and herbs. One example is Suja Juice Mighty Greens.

Source: http://foodbabe.com/2014/10/21/10-grocery-store-items-you-should-never-buy-again/