3 years

Your body needs water to function, and there are some shocking signs you’re dehydrated.

We all know we should be drinking a certain amount of water each day. On those days when you are not drinking enough and spending time in the sun and heat, it pays to know what happens when you get dehydrated. Some of the below consequences have long-reaching effects, so it is better to prevent them rather than allow them to go on for prolonged periods.

Skin Ages

When you drink enough water, you have less wrinkles and you have a healthy glow. When you do not get enough water, the opposite happens, so your skin looks older. For most women, this should be plenty of incentive to pick up that glass of water and chug it down regularly throughout the day.

You Get In a Bad Mood

Mood is affected because you tend to be tired, tense and sad. Therefore, drinking more water puts you in a better mood and makes you feel better. It helps you get through the day without needing a nap, and it helps you see things from a better perspective because your body is firing on all cylinders when it gets enough water.

You Are Likely to Overeat

For those who crave snacks, it may be a sign you need more water. Also, drinking a glass or two of water before a meal allows you to feel full faster. That is good for those trying to lose weight, as you take in less calories.

Your Metabolism Drops

The body performs better when it gets enough water. This extends to metabolism and how fast you process nutrients. Give your body the water it needs to do things properly. That way, you can feel better and know your body is doing what it needs to do to keep you healthy. Your metabolism is key to staying healthy and not becoming overweight.

Your Brain Function Decreases

Those who are not drinking enough water need to use more of their brain to do the same task that someone who is getting enough water can do by using a significantly smaller portion of the brain. Therefore, avoid brain drain by hydrating. Having your brain working the way it should is very important. You need it to do things properly for everything from breathing to solving complex math equations. This is not to mention handling your walking and interacting with others. So give your brain the water it needs to avoid dehydrating.

Your Health Suffers

Dehydration is bad for the body, which means your health suffers when you go without sufficient water in your body. Kidney stones, heart disease and colon cancer are only some of the conditions that you may have a higher risk to contract if you do not get enough water.

You may not have previously considered these consequences of forgoing water consumption. If that is the case, then now is the time to start paying attention and making more of an effort to get the water you need.