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For those who love soda but understand how bad it is for you, consider some healthy alternatives to replace sodas in your diet. Soda provides no nutritional value, so despite the good taste and the caffeine burst if you are opting for sodas with caffeine, there are many better alternatives to reach for when you get thirsty.

There are some logical alternatives that are healthier, and there are some that are just more fun so that kids don’t feel they are missing out on the good stuff. While the priority with diet is not to humor your children, these options can be helpful as a distraction if you are having one of those days where you need to divert the kids from bad behavior or boredom. Therefore, it is worth a try if nothing else.


Water is a good beverage to choose for several reasons. It has no calories and no sugar. It also is good for your body, since your body needs water to complete various processes and stay hydrated to avoid being sick.

Water is also inexpensive, since you can get a pitcher with a filter or a water bottle with a filter, use tap water and filter out the impurities to make it taste better. If you want to drink water but aren’t a fan of the taste, reaching for flavored waters can be beneficial since they rarely have high levels of sugar and still do not have calories. However, take care with sugar substitutes, since they can be bad for your health as well.

Add Seltzer Water to Juice

When the kids are bored with water, it is easy to hand them juice, which is filled with sugar, or turn to the soda. Instead, dilute juice with seltzer water, which is carbonated and gives the appearance and bubbly feel of soda without so many additional calories. There is still a higher sugar content, but that is diluted a bit with the addition of the seltzer water.


Drinking milk means more calcium and Vitamin D (if you reach for whole milk). However, avoid adding flavoring, as that adds calories and sugar and defeats the initial benefits of drinking the milk.

Soy or Rice-based Milk Alternatives

These alternatives cut down on calories and sugar, which gives you more freedom for other foods if you are on a strict diet. Even if you are not, it is a good idea to cut calories and sugar where you can, particularly in beverages, so you are able to work on weight loss or general overall health.

Cutting calories can seem like a difficult task if you are hoping to lose weight and eat healthier to become more fit. However, with some effort and research, you can find small ways like cutting out soda to cut significant calories and make headway with your dieting efforts. For children, cutting down on the amount of soda they drink now can create better habits for them to carry into adulthood.