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There are several herbs that help lower blood pressure naturally. Add these to your meals and see a difference in your blood pressure quickly and without taking lots of medications.

These herbs can be used to naturally lower blood pressure. However, talk to your doctor before you stop taking medications, even if these herbs are helping. It is always best to balance natural remedies against what is being done in conjunction with your doctor. That way, you do not end up in the hospital instead of feeling better.

Basil is an easy addition to many dishes and is so common in Mediterranean countries that residents there overall have a lower occurrence of hypertension. For US residents, it is a growing trend to use basil in entrees and various dishes. It lowers blood pressure simply when used in cooking.


Cinnamon helps lower blood sugar levels for those dealing with diabetes. While studying this benefit, it has been found that blood pressure for participants also lowered because of the use of cinnamon.

Cinnamon is relatively simple to add to dishes and provides a certain taste that most people enjoy. For those who do not like it initially, it is possible to get used to it. The fact that it helps lower blood sugar for diabetics and lower blood pressure for the general population gives it additional appeal as something to keep trying until you find a way to enjoy it and benefit from it. 


Compounds in garlic relax the areas around the arteries. This allows the blood vessels to expand and helps decrease the risk of heart attack or stroke. Raw garlic gives the consumer the full benefit, so factor that into any plans to add garlic to your diet.


This spice is used in Chai Tea and is popular in India in various dishes. It is gaining popularity in the US and has been found to have positive effects on blood pressure. It also helps with hypertension when added to a person’s diet on a regular basis.

Adding herbs to meals may not be your first thought when it comes to trying to lower your blood pressure. However, the benefits of simply cooking with different spices should not be discounted. This can be done in addition to measures taken by your doctor. It can also replace medications if you get to that point. Do not attempt to get rid of blood pressure medications simply to add herbs to your cooking. That may be a result you can work toward, but it is not likely to be an immediate change you can enact. Consult the doctor and see if he or she is open-minded. You may be referred to a nutritionist or other diet counselor who can help you determine if these methods will work for your specific situation. Then, you can determine if it will be a large benefit or a small one to start cooking with these herbs on a regular basis.

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